Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Afternoon Jacket

Broken Bells

This is a new collaboration between famed collaborator Danger Mouse and the Shins’ lead singer James Mercer. This sounds like a very promising twosome. Kind of reminds me of the Shins infused with a little of the Roots, maybe a smidge of Modest Mouse, and slowed down TV on the Radio. Mercer has such a recognizable voice it is hard to not attribute the Shins to the single. The single “The High Road” is streaming on their website. There is nothing on their website and I don’t want to start spreading rumors but I have seen on a few blogs where the Shins might put out an album in 2010. I sure hope this is true.
Broken Bells – The High Road follow link to their website

Creep Cover
I’m sure most of ya’ll have seen this video already. If you haven’t, you’re truly missing out. My roommate linked this to his facebook a few days ago. This homeless man puts more emotion into this song than Thom Yorke. Remarkably touching video.

Cloud Cult

This is a pretty interesting song. It tells a nice little story as well. It is pretty catchy, check it out.
Cloud Cult - Fairy Tale

Cool Catz

These guys seem like they are the real deal. Saw a post on them over at AM last night. The title drew me in. If this group is being tossed around with Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Jones they gotta be good. Tried to get a good amount of songs to full gauge. I'd have to give them a thumbs up. They rap over one of the best songs of the decade, "Heartbeats" by The Knife, in their song Molly. Head over to their website for a few free downloads and interesting stuff (one of the songs is a RATATAT remix)
Cool Catz - Molly

Cool Catz - Funk Soul Kitty (KeyLowD Winter Rhymez Remix)

j. period and K'naan

Bob Dylan and rap. Never thought you’d hear those two in the same sentence did you? Well you did. K’naan and j. period tie in Bob Dylan to this song and somehow it works beautifully. I think because K’naan is an intelligent rapper with good intentions and does it in a nonchalant way, kind of how Bob Dylan is in this song. It could lose the blah blah blah before and after the song but nevertheless the uniqueness of this track makes it interesting.
j. period and K'naan - Don't Think Twice (Messengers Remix)

Dark Side of the Moon

The Flaminng Lips are not necessarily the Pink Floyd of today, but different from everything else out there in a sort of psychedelic/Pink Floyd kind of way. Yesterday they released Dark Side of the Moon, their take on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon by remaking every track on the album plus other Pink Floyd favorites. If any band out there was to remake one of the best albums in history, this is the band that should do it. Here is The Flaming Lips version of Money, my favorite track off the original. I also include a reggae version of the song by the Easy All Stars and while I was at it, just decided to include the original.

Easy All Stars - Money

The Flaming Lips - Money

Pink Floyd - Money

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