Thursday, September 30, 2010

[VID] Local Natives | "Wide Eyes"

This is what Jaws would look like if it was filmed on land. Well this is more of a dramedy than a thiller but you get the point, it's an indie rock video for a good song by an awesome band. I have some surprises from them I will throw your way in the coming days. Promise.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Listen to Live Vol. 3 In It's Entirety

Listen to it on Spinner.

A week before it comes out you can listen to the full album. Unfortunately the video doesn't complement the listening, but it doesn't take away from the brilliance a bit. It's nice to hear some of the older song with a full drum-kit instead of a kick drum. What more can I say, it's The Avett Brothers.

[VID] Duck Sauce | "Barbara Streisand"

Here's an awesome video for my latest techno obsession by Duck Sauce. Duck Sauce is comprised of DJs Armand Van Helden and A-Trak. This song, a most random person to use, but eternally catchy tune is sure to make you want to dance.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Lincoln Bedroom

I have recently come across one of the better country/alternative that I heard this year. The Lincoln Bedrrom is a band from LA, which doesn't scream country, but these samples I posted are an example of a glossy Southern band. They have a distinct poppy/catchy sound unmistakable for anything out there on the market. Their latest record, from which these mp3s are from, was released back on Groundhog Day (Feb 2, 2010) and I just now found their way on my radar. Man am I glad. Download these gems and see what I mean.

The Lincoln Bedroom - Drunk 1000 Times
The Lincoln Bedroom - I Just Want To See Her Again
The Lincoln Bedroom - Help Me Get Some Life Into This Heart of Mine 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[VID] Superchunk Destroys Jimmy Fallon 9/20/10

"Digging For Something" 

After a 16 year hiatus from the 'Late Night Scene' indie Gods, Superchunk, played Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and kicked some arse. They've still got it. They also did an oldie-but-goodie, which wasn't aired, to really prove that they are still as punk as it gets. Check "Precision Auto" after the jump.

Monday, September 20, 2010

[VID] Sleigh Bells | "Infinity Guitars"

Here's a pretty badass video from the King and Queen of loud. "Infinity Guitars" is off one of the best albums of the summer/year, Treats.

*400th Post

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Das Racist | Sit Down, Man [Mixtape]

Comedic or Serious, you decide... 

Das Racist has followed up their March Mixtape Shut Up, Dude with Sit Down, Man, released yesterday to the interwebs. The dudes have teamed up with the likes of Diplo and Boi-1da as well as indie pop band Chairlift among others on this project. They reference pop-culture all the time and poke fun at the color of their skin. It's overall pretty enjoyable. They switch up the flow on every track and like to make you think deep about whether they are kidding or not.

Download Sit Down, Man Here

*I'm not going all gangster on y'all, just posting stuff I want to expose your ears to*

Monday, September 13, 2010

[MP3] Kanye West - Runaway [feat. Pusha T]

Kanye West - Runaway [feat. Pusha T]

You saw it last night and it blew you away live, here's a CD Quality version of the latest @Kanye hit. This emotional train that runs over you with no remorse. "Let's have a toast for the [insert last name you called your ex-boyfriend]" speaks to those ladies out there who are with a man who isn't treating them right. He nails the all encompassing feelings right on the head while calling himself one of the [ex-bf names] because he isn't a good partner. I am thoroughly impressed with what he has been putting out as of late, it's more Graduation/Late Registration than 808's and Heartbreaks, a welcome transition. If only he'd put a date on this album he's cooking up.

He's coming out with new music left and right. You've been keeping up with his G.O.O.D. Friday releases right? He's on 5 weeks strong and is going to keep this pace until Christmas. So that's 15 more songs to come... Download the first 5 here. NOW.

G.O.O.D. Music [Get Out Our Dreams] is Kanye's label which has a ton of rappers evolving the rap game today. A few include: KiD CuDi, Big Sean, Common, John Legend, and Clipse among others.

Here is a video of the VMA performance.

[VIDEO] Superchunk - Digging For Something

Those goobers playing in Mac's crappy band are actually a prestigious triangle group called The Love Language, maybe you've heard of them. Their album Libraries released this summer was perhaps one of the best pop albums of the year. I'd like to hear a Mac/Love Language love-child side-project, t'would be a dream collaboration. Oh Yeah.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[Mixtape] If Lance Armstong Had Two Balls...


Here's the latest mixtape I've put together for all you Lovely Lads. It's largely a mix of recent stuff that I have been spinning on iTunes and a few throwbacks to instill some values in your listening. You may be wondering about the title. I was looking up Ari Gold one liners the other day and fell in love all over again with this ridiculously hilarious quote.

"You will come back stronger then ever. Like Lance Armstrong. But with two balls."

Check out the tracklist and download link below. Hope you can enjoy it this on bittersweet weekend.

1]  The Thermals - I'm Gonna Change Your Life
2]  Black Mountain - The Hair Song
3]  The Lincoln Bedroom - Drunk 1000 Times
4]  Telekinesis - Calling All Doctors
5]  Alejandro Escovedo - Tender Heart
6]  Superchunk - Fractures In Plaster
7]  Beach House - Gila (iTunes Session)
8]  Bruce Springsteen - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
9]  Black Mountain - Old Fangs
10]  Tallest Man On Earth - The Dreamer
11]  The Thermals - I Don't Believe You
12]  No Age - Glitter
13]  The Love Language - Anthophobia
14]  The Weepies - Be My Thrill
15]  Wavves - Mickey Mouse
16]  Superchunk - Everything at Once
17]  Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
18]  The Henry Clay People - You Can Be Timeless
19]  California Wives - Blood Red Youth
20]  Ryan Bingham - Bread and Water
21]  The War On Drugs - Comin' Through
22]  Egyptian Hip-Hop - Wild Human Child
23]  Gramercy Riffs - Oh Linda!
24]  Local Natives - Clothed and Open Eyed
25]  Live There - The Lonely Forest
26]  Owen Pallet - A Man With No Ankles
27]  The Moondoggies - It's A Shame, It's A Pity
28]  Local Natives - Only Son
29]  Matt & Kim - Cameras
30]  Real Estate - Out of Tune
31]  Lost In the Trees - Song For The Painter (Daytrotter Session)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Someone Hates Underage Music Lovers


Just doing some ranting about Hopscotch and their 21+ policy in many clubs. If I am going to pay $80 to see a festival, I want to see who I want to see. It's not that I am getting jipped on possible artists that I can see, its the fact that I am unable to see many acts that I've been looking forward to see. I've painted up their schedule with the possible shows an underage attendee can see. Seems a little weak to me.

One act that I have been keeping up with as of late, due to a phenomenal single, is The War on Drugs. Their latest single, "Comin' Through," is down below and a song that is literally to die for. Just take a listen and see what I mean. It's rock, it's not, it stands apart and it's good.

The War on Drugs - Comin' Through

Have any suggestions for what I should see and report back on? Going to be at the festival? Let me know in the comments.