Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Q-Tips

  • Big news in the mp3 world. iTunes as you may not have known bought lala a few months ago, and on May 31st, we will be saying a fond farewell to the endlessly pleasing full catalog of music. Is iTunes heading towards this type of monthly-fee to access all music deal or just eliminating the competition? 
  • The Black Keys are opening for Kings of Leon, it is undoubtedly a good move popularity-wise but that is hardcore selling out. The Black Keys are better than that, but maybe it's a clever ploy to attract Chaperons. They're playing in Raleigh on September 13th and Kings of Leon is in the studio working to drown the radio in half-pop half-wtf tunes for the summer.
  • On a much brighter note, Wilco is planning to record some new material this summer.
  • Tuesday May 4th Notable Releases
    • Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
    • Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
    • Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing
    • The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever [Pre-Order] [Album of 2010,  so far]
    • Josh Ritter - So Runs The World Away
    • Minus The Bear - OMNI
    • The New Pornographers - Together [Pre-Order]

[VIDEO] The Black Keys | "Next Girl"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Music From Eminem, T.I., and Drake

This recently converted Drake fan is anticipating Thank Me Later [May 28th Tentatively] much less after this new single. It is his R&B side which I don't care for. He most definitely uses a version of Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up The Gun," the intro really feels like it, but for lack of better description, this is shit. C'mon Drake. [via FADER]

He's been around for about a decade now and is still producing some of the most emotional and best lyrical music that is released. Eminem is the real deal. This new track is off Recovery, out June 22nd, that's right Recovery, not Relpase 2 like he had hyped. He forever sounds angry behind the mic, but one reason that he has recently revived his career. He has moved on from the comedic raps such as "Just Lose It" and has moved on from what was on last year's Relapse. Please check out him tearing up Drake's Over as well. He seems to be on the top of his game and it's truly inspiring that he has turned his life around for his Daughter, especially in the environment he finds himself.

I'm ready for T.I. to release his first mixtape, Fuck A Mixtape, whenever he feels. This jailbird had more than enough time to brainstorm some lyrics behind bars and I feel like this song should be a little better. I hope that he polishes up his verses to live up to his self-claimed "immaculate shine," because that's what it will take. I hear hints of many of his songs, maybe "Whatever You Like" at points, unfortunately, nothing like "No Matter What," my favorite song of his. This leaves something to be desired.
T.I. - Welcome Back To The Trap [P&P]

This song is about 2 months old but still, I don't think that he really did anything in prison, he is just rapping about how his friends didn't hold down the "A" while he was gone and that he is back on the streets so don't "fuck mess with him." This isn't what I would expect from T.I., I wish he had a religious conversion in prison and started preaching the gospel, may be a change from everything else out there.
T.I. - I'm Back

[VIDEO] The Gaslight Anthem | Making of American Slang Pt. 1

Take A Study Break In mp3 Heaven [Finals Playlist]

Band of Horses - Laredo [via PMA]

Peter Wolf Crier - Hard As Nails

Avi Buffalo - What's It In For? [PTST]

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles

The Love Language - Heart To Tell

Port O'Brien - Leap Year [via BB]

Port O'Brien - Love Me Through [BB]

The Delta Mirror - A Song About The End [via MOKB]

Lissie - Little Lovin' [via YANP]

Local Natives - Sun Hands [YANP]

Band of Horses - Our Swords [via FM]

Local Natives - Wide Eyes

Israel Darling - Sampson The Mason

Beach House - Used To Be [Daytrotter Session] [via KTP]

Beach House - Zebra [Daytrotter Session] [KTP]

Wye Oak - Take It In [via R&G]

The Low Anthem [R&G]

The Tallest Man On Earth - King Of Spain

Megafaun - The Longest Day

The Delta Spirit - 911 [via TSURU]

The Delta Spirit - Bushwick Blues [TSURU]

Wild Beasts - The Fun Powder Pot

The Hold Steady - Hurricane J

[VIDEO] Band of Horses | "Northwest Apartment" [NW Apt]

pre-order at amazon NOW for $8.99, That's Basically Free!

[VIDEO] Woods | "To Clean"

Woods | "Suffering Season"

[VIDEO] Horse Feathers | "Belly of June"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Theophilus London I Want You Mixtape

unique mixtape by even more unique rapper

Let me start out by saying: This is not your typical Hip-Hop mixtape. -WARNING: DO NOT EXPECT VENT-LIKE VERSES OR HEAD RUSHING BASS LINES. DON'T EXPECT R&B EITHER- Theophilus London is one of the most pretentious rappers out there right now. He looksThe first thing you might notice, is it starts off with "I Want You," a Marvin Gaye cover. Then there are songs where he raps over the always charming "Giving Up The Gun" by Vampire Weekend on "Give It Up Dad." He also samples a song on "Pyromiltia," but I just can't figure out who it is, I recognize it and it's on the tip of my tongue. Ra Ra Riot I believe.. There is a remix of Elie Goulding's "Starry Eyed." But this mixtape is full of 80's poppy synthesized beats and African drums beats and sounds. London isn't your average rapper either. He can break it down and sing a little as well as spit some very fresh, immaculate verses. an acquired taste may be needed for this one, but it is something that you may want to branch out and try.
[DOWNLOAD] Follow to sendspace address.
Like it? Try This Charming Mixtape [DOWNLOAD] Follow To Mediafire
Like that? Try His First Tape JAM! [DOWNLOAD] Follow To Mega Upload

Ratatat LP4

LP4 out June 8th

Sleigh Bells | "Tell 'Em" + Album Details


Sleigh Bells has teamed up with M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Records for their first LP Treats. So we all knew that there would be some pretty crazy things concocted for their highly acclaimed release. Not much has been said about the May 11th release up until now. The album art for Treats is up there with the cheerleader tower made of plastic faced Barbies. Head over to their site to join the mailing list and download the new single, or catch it after the jump, along with the tracklist. Looks like their breakthrough single "Crown On The Ground" made the cut along with a few others from their debut self-titled EP. The montaged images are something extra from their site that looked cool. Head over to the N.E.E.T. website to catch a few live videos.

Horse Feathers | "Thistled Spring" & "Belly of June"

Horse Feathers has recently, as in yesterday, released their new album Thistled Spring. Here are two beautiful songs from the release. Their soft sound, combining banjo, violin, and guitar creates a sound that isn't replicated elsewhere. The voice of Justin Ringle is a polished prize that is to be cherished on this album. I am giving my stamp of approval must own to Thistled Spring, a true Oregon release that will ring in Summer in a most welcome way. 

[FREE] Friends and Friends of Friends Compilation

Friends and Friends of Friends
free digital // limited cassette comp

Side A
1. Weekends - A Defining Love (acoustic)
2. Future Islands – Virgo Distracts (live @ DubLab)
3. Height with Friends – Current Floor (King Rhythm Redux)
4. Winks - Sometimes I Can Fake a Smile
5. Daytime - Lights
6. Food For Animals – Dope (Jones Remix)
7. Sri Aurobindo – Don’t Know (live @ WMUC)
8. The Violet Hour – Echoes

Side B
9. Moss of Aura – Generations
10. Lands and Peoples – In Living Colour
11. Lonnie Walker – Feels Like Right
12. Tapes in Space – Bat Meat
13. Shields - DANGx2
14. B&P – Greminals
15. Brendan Sullivan – Young Thunder Pt. 1

This is the first mixtape/compilation from the Baltimore record label. The most intriguing part of this for me is NorthCarolina's Lonnie Walker. It is a song that doesn't happen to be on their debut album. I have seen them live twice and they are only getting better, I can't wait to see where they go. But this is a very eclectic mix. It includes tinges of blues and flashes of trance. Watch out for diversity, no wait, embrace it. 

Download Link After The Jump

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[VIDEO] Scott Avett Covers Bombadil | "Marriage"

Here is a beautiful cover of the Bombadil song "Marriage." Unless I told you this was a cover, would you have any insight into the idea that this was not an Avett original. These beautiful lyrics are Avettesque, a reason I'm sure that contributed to the choice to remake this song. I wish the Avetts would get back to this type of genuine music.

Freddie Gibbs Stops By Daytrotter

Daytrotter usually records some of the upcoming, sometimes established, indie talent whenever they sit down with artist. I haven't been following Daytrotter since it's inception, but I'm sure this isn't their first featured rapper. I have been impressed with this rapper since I first heard his song "Crushin' Feelings," it's too bad he didn't record that one. But this live rapping is very interesting, a feat which is not usually showcased, except during live shows.

Monday, April 26, 2010

[VIDEO] M.I.A | "Born Free" A Bold & Violent Statement

M.I.A is really making a new statement in this latest video she has released. It is hard to say what she is hinting at here. I may have to do some research to unearth the true meaning. The violence is quite gruesome but there is a message about the controversial title to the single, "Born Free."

Summer Jams '10 [Part 1 of...]

let's get this party started, 5 sun-tinged mp3s

DOM - Living In America
IT IS SEXY TO LIVE IN AMERICA. You bet that if you have to scroll down to the U's whenever you declare your country, you're not sexy. That is why United States is found at the top, usually the first choice. This song sounds like an 80's synth-pop hit remixed by WAVVES lo-fi ingenuity. If it wasn't for all these recent releases I would probably set this song on repeat.

I don't usually promote the pop genre but this song is downright catchy as hell. It takes about 1:45 to really kick in but when it does the voice of Maggie Morrison really digs down deep. Check out Over and Over, it's not too shabby itself.

I believed I have already posted this song....but it warrants a second post. it is hands down the catchiest song that Late of the Pier has put out. I hate that they are veering away from their alternative side procured on Fantasy Black Channel, but if they keep putting out stuff this eclectic and poppy, I'd be thrilled.

I am making some bold statements in this post, so just know that these are some good tunes. But, this is the best remix I have heard in 2010. It is 10x better than the original version, and the original is decent. Proves that Passion Pit are some of the most brilliant electronic minds this side of 2009.

First off, could this title embody summer any better? Especially the band name. I am digging this beach-tinged tune. It begs "I wanna get you moving," for a better part of the song and you bet it it gets you moving. 

[STREAM] The New Pornographers Together

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Weekly Q-Tips

  • Department of Eagles are releasing an album on July 20th, Archive 2003-2006, which contains music that they didn't release between 2003 and 2006, as if you didn't get that from the title. the first glimpse into their past is "Brightest Minds."
  • There was a review in Diversions this week of the debut album from Mandolin Orange. Quiet Little Room is under much of the world's radars but expect a post coming from them soon. A Great album, maybe you recognize the reviewer. ;)
  • MGMT's Congratulations debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. Their new sound isn't losing them any money. Too bad Justin Beiber took #1.
  • John Lennon stashed acid in his garden at home and his maybe 40-50 year stash has been unearthed. Aged acid, better than aged wine.

  • Ben & Jerry's dedicated a flavor of ice cream to BONNAROO. Dankness in a frozen-creamy form. It tastes like "light coffee & malt ice cream with whiskey caramel swirls & English toffee pieces." Sounds good to me. Try it out at your local store on May 4th.
  • Joanna Newsome and My Morning Jacket's Jim James are contributing artists on The Roots June release, How I Got Over.
  • Vampire Weekend has loosely promised an EP for later this year...

[VIDEO] Chiddy Bang | "Truth"

[STREAM] The National High Violet

Thursday, April 22, 2010

BLK JKS | "Zol!"

This South African band hit the scene last year with their debut EP Mystery, one of the more intriguing sounding releases that I was turned on to early in 2009. Their debut LP, After Robots, included all the songs off Mystery, but lacked an extension of these tunes to a full album. But in the name of nationalism, they willl be releasing an EP ZOL! a tribute to the World Cup visiting their home nation this summer. This new EP will be released on June 8th [Secretly Candian] in accordance with their June 10th performance to kick-off the FIFA World Cup.

Rolling Stone: 40 Reasons To Get Excited [or down] About Music

I'll have to say that this list highlights some of the reasons why I hate mainstream music, but also touches on some reasons why music has become so intriguing and worthy. Here are a few reasons why music is making me Jizz in my pants right now....

1. May might be the best month of releases ever. The National, The Black Keys, The Hold Steady, Band of Horses, The New Pornographers, LCD Soundsystem, Woods, among others....

2. The Internet. With the innovativeness of blogs, myspace, reverbnation, artists can literally release a song the day they finish it and it could find it's way to an incredibly large audience, the same day.

3. is Facebook for music lovers, a great way to share music with friends and explore artists.

4. Blogs are becoming bigger, rivaling Pitchfork for industry dominance. Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, One Thirty BPM, among others.

Here is Rolling Stone's List 
Bold are Good Things
[my comments]

1. Black Eyed Peas and the Science of Global Pop Domination. [haha]
2. Rock Festivals Rule. [I'd love to go to Bonnaroo, but I will settle for Raleigh's Hopscotch, which is still going to be an impressive showcase of national and local music]
3. Hip-Hop Arena Show Has Arrived. [Seem too sketchy for me to attend, but good for the music]
4. U2’s Epic Stadium Tour Invades America Again. [pass]
5. Because You Can Watch Any Concert Online in HD. [NOT the same]
6. LCD Soundsystem Defines Sound Now. [This Is Happening will make your hair stand]
7. Because Live Concerts Sound Better Than Ever. [yay, but isn't rawness still good too]
8. Them Crooked Vultures Are a Supergroup That’s Really Super. [I don't buy the hype]
9. Because You Can Still See Chuck Berry Play Once a Month. [he's still chugging along, good for him]
10. Because Indie Rock Has Upgraded to Hi-Fi Sound. [what exactly is 'indie rock'? Japandroids, WAVVES, etc...]
11. You Can Score Killer Concert Tickets for under $50. [all the ones I'm interested in hover around $15, if that]
12. T.I. Is a Free Man. [Let's hear some new stuff before we assume]
13. Because M.I.A. Is Mad As Hell on Her Killer New Album. [I'd believe that, only have to wait until June 29th]
14. Ultimate Jukebox Is Coming to Your Cellphone. [wahoo?]
15. Music’s Future Is in Denmark. Unlimited tunes via your cable service. [doesn't help me out at all]
16. Tom Morello Fights the Power with His Guitar. [more guitar hero anthems to come?]
17. MGMT Rejects Fame and Gets Its Freak On. [the new album is different, and that's a good thing. make mainstream listeners get acquainted with quality, experimental music]
18. Tribute Bands Are Sometimes Better Than the Real Thing. [never]
19. Pop Divas Rule the Charts. [damn that Justin Beiber and all those hits he's making]
20. Keith Richards Has Written an Autobiography. [should be a good read, if drugs or classic rock interest you]
21. Strokes Are Getting It Back Together. [this is one album that I would like to see come out this year, they have had quite the hiatus]
22. Diplo. [he did brilliantly on the Gucci Mane mixtape, I'd like to see more though]
23. Rock’s Most Tasteful Guitar Player Is Finally Letting Loose. [.....]
24. Atlantic Records Has Entered the 21st Century. [yes, and catering to Kiss 95.1's audience]
25. A Hip-Hop Legend Is Bringing Hi-Fi Back. [all the UNC bball players have the new Dr. Dre headphones, I don't see how headphones could improve music that much, the price isn't right though]
26. Headphones Are Better Than Ever. [ least full ear, over the head phones are roaring back]
27. Ridiculously Cool Gear Is Coming. [just trying to make some money with the list, ad]
28. Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem Is the Next Jersey Rock Hero. [American Slang is totally awesome, a complete album that pulls out all the stops]
29. Dr. Luke’s Awesomely Trashy Pop Sound Is Ruling the Airwaves. [he only makes my ears bleed]
30. The Roots Are on TV Every Night. [and with the funniest man in late night tv]
31. Russell Brand’s Plan To Save the Music Industry. [this isn't going anywhere good]
32. Jamey Johnson Proves Badass Country is Still Alive in Nashville. [it's Nashville for goodness sake]
33. Because Sting’s Daughter Is About To Enter the Family Business. [sending out an S.O.S. music industry]
34. Derek Trucks Is Eric Clapton’s Guitar Hero.[thanks for sharing]
35. Vinyl Sales Have Tripled Since 2006. [I need to invest in a record player, Christmas List 2010 just started]
36. T Bone Burnett Is a One-Man Roots Revival. [who is this?]
37. Classic Rock Vaults Are Far from Empty. [well albums become classics everyday.... always good to have some oldies but goodies]
38. Animal Collective Are the Kings of the New Psychedelic Scene. [bold statement, please don't over-inflate their heads, I don't want them to change]
39. These Missing-in-Action Albums Might Just Come Out. New CDs from Amy Winehouse, D’Angeloand Dr. Dre. [I don't think I want to hear any of these. listening to my new Dr. Dre through my Dr. Dre Beats, how OG of me. what did you say? i can still hear you, but just barely because these $199 dollar noise-cancelling headphones look better than they sound]
40. Because You Really Like Music. [TRUE TRUE TRUE]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freelance Whales Stop By Daytrotter

Daytrotter has pulled some good acts this week. Today the wrangled Freelance Whales into the studio for an intimate little session. The band that combines nifty drumming, stingy banjo playing, and catchy pop lyricism sat down for a rather fun jam session.

Generator First Floor
Generator Second Floor

[VIDEO] Warpaint | "Stars"

[VIDEO] The xx | "Islands"

Ty Segall | "Caesar"

[via MOKB [newly re-established]]

Ty Segall is following up his 2009 album Lemons, with a May 25th sophomore Melted. "Caesar" is the first single from the release.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jay Electronica | "A Million In The Morning"

Here is a dope new track from  Jay Electronica, one of my favorite new rappers. His ridiculous street talk seems to be from experience, a real rapper who is able to translate his experience into words. His earlier song "Exhibit C," is one of the hottest hip hop songs in a long-ass time. I'm ready for a new mixtape of his.

Leak Peek [Steady, National, LCD]

Roundup of Upcoming May Leaks

The Hold Steady  |  Heaven Is Whenever  |  May 4th

Stereogum's Premature Evaluation. "Heaven Is Whenever isn’t a bad album, but it’s also not a great album. (It’s OK to be disappointed.)"
  • We'll have to see about this evaluation. They are highly critical of The Hold Steady, who are recently searching for a new sound after the departure of the Keyboardist Franz Nicolay, who was a major influence on their "stadium rock" sound that defined their first 4 albums. 
  • I have listened to the album, I do not believe that it quite possibly is better than what Stereogum is predicting, besides, they aren't pitchfork, but who wants to be anyways.

The National  |  High Violet  |  May 11th

Stereogum is all over these leaks aren't they. Here is their Premature Evaluation. "Like the band that created it, it’s an album that’s built to last."
  • Please take notice that the leak of this album occurred on 4/19/10 and the Premature Evaluation was posted on 4/20/10, that means that this album was listened to and analyzed in about 24 hours. 
  • They seem to praise this album because it is by the National and their enduring sound. 
  • Yes, from what we've heard there is a certain tone on High Violet that wasn't there on Boxer, agreed.
TSURURADIO is back with a bang and is buzzing their approval. "It patiently takes you up, down, & over from start to finish.."
  • Valid points on the growth of the band are described to a T. That how it happened for me and I'm sure many more.
  • With the hype of this one and supposed awesomeness it contains it does seem like we will see them amongst the big names in music after High Violet.
  • I've been saying it for a while now, The National is the next Coldplay.
  • Starbucks - YES. Soccer Moms - Probably Not.
We All Want Someone To Shout For took the time to do a Live Blogging of the album, wrapped up with a summary. "I don’t know how many bands out there takes so much time and effort to give us such a complete album."
  • Will mentions that he is using a leak with crappy quality to assess the album, good. Means that the others are using the same as well.
  • Shows expresses his feelings on each song, though tries not to say anything too bad about the album.
After I found my way to a leak of High Violet, I immediately turned away because of the poor quality of the beginning of each song. Unless The National is taking a lo-fi approach to their latest, which is not the case, I am going to hold off on this one until I can appreciate it in quality. However it would be cool to hear WAVVES in hi-fi and The National in lo-fi. I hope these evaluations were not from the terrible quality leak I  got my hands on.

*The album will officially begin streaming on the 23rd on the NY Times website, be ready for that*

LCD Soundsystem  |  This Is Happening  |  May 18th

Stereogum's Premature Evaluation - "Murphy’s shown again he can find endless permutations in what, admittedly, seemed like a pretty rigid formula all those years ago."
    • Though Stereogum is highly critical of The Hold Steady's new project, they fail to make bold claims of greatest or failure in this one. Taking a middle road as to not turn people off. 
    • It's all about dancing and summer and how This Is Happening will fit right it, which it will.
There Goes The Fear - "LCD Soundsystem have recorded some fantastic tracks for This is Happening."

I'm a big fan of this album, I am declining comment on it because I will be sure to say a few words or 300 about it when it comes out, for now I'll write about the slave trade and jazz history. I will, however, say that "I Can Change" is my new favorite song. I am not going to say 'of all time' but 'of 2010' wouldn't be a stretch by any means, I love it.

Drive-By Truckers Record Store Day Single

Here is a Record Store Day exclusive from the Drive-By Truckers. The title, "Your Woman Is A Livin' Thing,"  is how women should be viewed at the very least, I'm not going to go any further on this subject. This is song is a feminists dream... The cover surprisingly envisions this song rather brilliantly. It is mostly Mr. Patterson Hood just talking but it's comparison of a piece of chicken to women is rather obscure, and contrary to the genre of mainstream hip-hop as a whole [example]. Originally the band had planned to keep this song a secret, just for the members but their love of music and vinyl and record stores and presumably, women, led to this Record Store Day release. The B-Side of the single was "Just Maybe." 

jj | "CEO Birthday" [Birthday Sex Re-work]

If today is your birthday, it's your lucky day 
jj loves to take popular rap songs and put their soft pop spin on them. This time they take on the song that has been played on the day people commemorate their birth, the infamous "Birthday Sex" by Jeremih. Due to the nature of today's date's connotations, if today is your birthday, this blend would be the perfect blend of the two days. After being less then unimpressed by jj when the played at Cat's Cradle on 3/25 with the XX, I haven't listened to a single song of their since. But this one brings me back to my appreciation for their unique Sweedish sound.

Band of Horses | "Factory"

Get your copy of the beautiful album opener "Factory" by joining the Band of Horses mailing list. A small price especially if you have a gmail account that isn't that important to you. And you'll be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes. Infinite Arms is an impressive third album from Band of Horses, one that showcases their folk rock, slowed down sound. As many of you may now be aware, 4/19 The Leakiest Day In All The World, that Infinite Arms was unfortunately an innocent bystander weaseled free, almost a month before it's release. But for a minuscule $10.99, Pre-Order it from Amazon before it comes out on May 18th. Catch them at Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC, opening for Widespread Panic this Fri and Sat 4/23 and 24.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Woods | "Blood Dries Darker"

New single from At Echo Lake

[via YANP]

Woods, the experimental folk jam band from New York, has cooked up some magic with this awesme new single. The song is probably the best on their upcoming release At Echo Lake, out May 11th on Woodsist Records. It is a great mix of folk experimentation that will wrap you up in a mountainous wonder and musical rapture. I talked with the band back in March, you can check out the article I wrote for Diversions here.

Dr. Dog Stops By Daytrotter

Check out some tracks from Dr. Dog's recent sit-down over there at the always awesome Daytrotter. They bring great live, stripped-down versions of unheard of as well as big name bands, and provide mp3's for download. The songs are below. Most are off their great, recent release Shame, Shame. Get it at Amazon for $7.99.

[STREAM] The Hold Steady Heaven Is Whenever



[VIDEO] LCD Soundsystem | "Drunk Girls"


Yeasayer Meets Jay-Z

collaboration in the works? 

Here is a photo from Coachella of Yeasayer's Ira Wolf Tuton and Jigga. He headlined the festival while Yeasayer was fortunate to make the bill. Whatever the case may be, the eclectic sounds of Yeasayer would be a perfect backdrop for his smooth flows. I say we pass this around and petition for a collaboration. If we talk it up, we could make it happen, we have pull in the music we want to hear. We just accept what people want to make, can we make them compose to our wants? Probably not, but it's an uplifting thought for  this rather chilly Monday. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

[FREE] Antlers EP

For a simple email address you can get Antlers 2008 EP New York Hospitals. As a little side extra, it comes with a download of of the video for their song "Sylvia"  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

[VIDEO] Scratching Off Congratulations

Got my copy of Congratulations today and made a video of me scratching off the cover. It's a pretty cool idea but I'd rather have there been a panda doing a unicorn with a large rainbow, something that would have been crazy and unexpected, not a black and white semi-not-so-trippy picture of the band members. Still fun though. I would like to thank Cameron Brown for recording the video, not only does she do pictures, videos too! I threw it all together in Adobe Premiere Elements.

The Drums Debut On The Way

The Drums seeks the light of day

Last year The Drums captured my affection with their hit song "Let's Go Surfing." Their garage/surf sound teleports you straight to that final bell on the last day of school and dazed summer days spent on the beach. Of course there is the always compared to, Morrissey, a Brit-pop feel that they bring to their music. These guys recently released a single "Best Friend," a less than stellar follow up to their 2009 EP Summertime. Fortunately they have announced their debut LP. The self titled album is slated for a July 7th release. I wish bands would stop copping out and using their name as their first album's title, it's boring. This is possibly the album art. It's what I found over at where you can pre-order the disc.

Tracklist + mp3's after jump

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Reviewed] Drive-By Truckers | The Big To-Do

     The Drive-By Truckers have continued their ways of rather disheartening storytelling, an Aesop of the true South, if you will. It’s impossible to pin down a single song that doesn’t tell a remarkable or disheartening story. Hailing from Georgia, a true Southern mentality is characteristic of everything they produce. In Sound. In Appeal. In Dress. In Lyrics. They cater to their target audience [presumably ‘The South’] better than a slicked back tie-wearing chump at The Cheesecake Factory. The lifestyles and habits of their loyal followers are remarkably captured in The Big To-Do with incredible precision.
     Their dual guitars produce a perfect backdrop for the stories that Patterson Hood vividly and emotionally tells. The guitars are the staple of the Drive-By Truckers, an engrossing aspect made apparent through heavy strumming at times and dueling at others. When Shonna Tucker takes the mic, the flow is somewhat killed, but the strength that this diversity brings to the album is unmatched. It may take a listen or four to embrace Miss Tucker’s voice but it broadens the group’s horizons and amplifies the emotionality once appreciated. One thing that would not be expected from the group is an uppity jam on “Get Downtown” with tinges of the early 1950’s. This piano led, groove throws a pulsating curveball a little outside of their natural strike zone, but it’s a chance they take, and they really knock it out of the park.
     The Big To-Do is music’s favorite cookie, doublestuffed with true Southern Rock through and through. Unlike former albums, it contains an album of great songs, unlike previous albums which lack a thoroughness that is present on other albums. The Big To-Do wraps you up in cheating, death, and alcohol from beginning to end, rather dismal topics, but leaves you putting the disc back into the stereo.

Listen to LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening

it's happening, listen to the entire album 

I'm sure James Murphy was saying "this can't be hapenning," on Monday when LCD Soundsystem's new album, This Is Happening, leaked. Yes, it is has been placed on the internet for all to download. But in all due respect for artists and their music, and economic well-being, their reliance on the public purchasing their album. So here's the trend that has become standard for big name bands w/ leaked album, STREAM IT. Go listen to This Is Happening over at LCD Soundsystem's website. You will be swept off your LA Gears. They have composed a phenomenal farewell album.

The Love Language | Libraries

first single from Libraries
Here is the first single from the Love Language, their first Merge Record product. It it the first single off their upcoming album, Libraries, out July 13th. This Triangle band has recently hit it big with their major label signing earlier this year. They have been a staple in the area as long as I've been here [2 years] but with the backing of Merge, they are sure to strike some gold on Libraries.
Upcoming Shows:
04-15 Raleigh, NC The Pour House
04-22 Greensboro, NC Earth Day Celebration at Center City Park
04-24 Washington, DC Sweetlife Festival
04-28 Chapel Hill, NC Memorial Hall w/ St. Vincent
09-11 Raleigh, NC Hopscotch Festival w/ Public Enemy

[VIDEO] Best Coast | "When I'm With You"

If you haven't heard of Best Coast yet, I'm sorry. Pretty hilarious video here, including a Ronald McDonald look-a-like. The song slowly builds into a distorted jumble accompanied by a strong flighty voice. Best Coast doesn't have an album yet, but they're working on one, for now check out their 7". Video is via MTVu and they throw out the gorillavsbearcore genre, a hilarious spin off of the blog gorilla vs bear which features rather chillwave/lo-fi/garage/weird sounding stuff. So for what any label you place on this band, just know that there is a better one out there.

[STREAM] Band Of Horses | "Laredo"

you will love "laredo", it's classic BOH

Between Band of Horses, The National, The Hold Steady, The New Pornographers, The Black Keys, LCD Soundsystem, and many more releases, including MINE FROM SCHOOL, I cannot wait for the month of May. Here is another taste of Infinite Arms, out 5/18. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The National | "Afraid Of Everyone"

[via p4k]

Less than one month until the National will be releasing their highly anticipated album, High Violet, and here is our second taste of what we can expect. Not as delicious as "Bloodbuzz Ohio," but "Afraid Of Everyone" will sure make your mouth water. This emotionally engaging song is an earful of instrumentation that pulls you one way with drums then throws you another way with the violin then knocked out by the guitar. I am just hoping these guys aren't playing with Coldplay anytime soon, because they sure are make music at a level they never have and one that is sure to be appreciated by all. The widespread appeal of High Violet and high profile release month could more than likely boost their careers to new heights. For now, enjoy this song and "Bloodbuzz Ohio" until May 11th.

Catching Up On Rap


Monday, April 12, 2010

[VIDEOs] Megafaun's Take Away Show

His Robe



LCD Soundsystem | "Dance Yrself Clean"

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

The best part about This Is Happening is the fact that we do not know what to expect form James Murphy on this last album LCD Soundsystem is putting out. This third and final album is coming out May 18th. Here is yet another track from the album, one that lends to the greater act and expectations of the 18th. This is a low quality version of "Dance Yrself Clean," an almost 9 minute tune that plays off the interesting mind of Murphy to produce innovative LCD Soundsytem track. not a roller coaster of horns and ticks that are usual. Be on the lookout for a HQ version soon.

iamamiwhoami = Jonna Lee

mysterious act debunked at last

It's official, as far as I and anyone else following this marketing ploy have successfully come to this conclusion that the mysterious artist is Jonna Lee.

After this most recent song, it easy quite easy to see the resemblance of iamamiwhoami and Jonna Lee, in this picture below. This little ditty has been going on since the beginning of the year and closing the book on this case seems the most reasonable thing to do now. Maybe they'll keep this going so it hits mainstream but as of this latest video and conclusion, I am done reporting on this. I am a fan of this cat and mouse game, but it is a one time deal that, I think will be passed over if an artist tries to match the cleverness of this ploy. So long iamamiwhoami!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

[VIDEO] Freelance Whales | "Generator^ 2nd Floor"

LCD Soundsystem | "I Can Change"

Here is a brand new song from the upcoming album, This Is Happening, which is coming out May 18th. This song is a stark contrast to the party anthem "Drunk Girls," which was the first song premiered off the third LCD album. The length, depth, and girth of this song are along the same lines as my favorite LCD Soundsystem song, "All My Friends," with it's characteristically strong lyrics and vocals showcased over sticky electronic beats. An mp3 is waiting after the jump.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Hold Steady | "Barely Breathing"

4th song off heaven is whenever streaming

I dislike posting about songs when I cannot link to them but this is an extra special occasion. The Hold Steady have released "Barely Breathing" exclusively to Stereogum. this is the fourth song to surface from Heaven Is Whenever, out May 4th. They are releasing songs like it is leaked, which I believe is not the case. But every song that they have put out from it to date are impressive, building hype even more.