Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The National | "Afraid Of Everyone"

[via p4k]

Less than one month until the National will be releasing their highly anticipated album, High Violet, and here is our second taste of what we can expect. Not as delicious as "Bloodbuzz Ohio," but "Afraid Of Everyone" will sure make your mouth water. This emotionally engaging song is an earful of instrumentation that pulls you one way with drums then throws you another way with the violin then knocked out by the guitar. I am just hoping these guys aren't playing with Coldplay anytime soon, because they sure are make music at a level they never have and one that is sure to be appreciated by all. The widespread appeal of High Violet and high profile release month could more than likely boost their careers to new heights. For now, enjoy this song and "Bloodbuzz Ohio" until May 11th.

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