Monday, January 31, 2011

[MP3] Fleet Foxes | Helplessness Blues [New Album out 5/4]

     The world has been waiting for this news since '08. Fleet Foxes are releasing their Sophomore album Helplessness Blues on May 4th. They have unleashed the title track for free download, check out a Soundcloud Stream/Download after the jump [the players create a long load time on the front page]. This one has a strong acoustic guitar and Fleet Foxes always-elegant vocals. GET IT NOW. Only 3 months and a couple of days. By the way, I'm really digging the cover on this one.

Hear "Helplessness Blues" after the jump

Sunday, January 30, 2011

[MP3z] Alexander Ebert | "Million Years" & "Truth"

Alexander Ebert - Million Years
Alexander Ebert - Truth
           I am definitely a fan of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and now their singer has set his skills towards a solo album. I've heard it and it's right along the lines of ES&MZ. Tie-dye folk for a sunny day. I do recommend that you keep an eye out for his Vagrant Records self-titled debut out March 1st.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[VID] Hanni El Khatib | Loved One

I can't wait for the debut album that has yet to be announced, but he is a great artist.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[VID] Cloud Nothings | Should Have

I guess eating your lovers hair is the new "it." I'm not sure if too many people will be "doing it" for much longer. However, this may be some underground technique to make dreadlocks. Have a glance and see what you think.

Monday, January 24, 2011

[MP3] Akron/Family | So It Goes

S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT will be released 2/8.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

[VID] Ben Nichols plays NEW Lucero Song

The lead singer of Lucero, Ben Nichols, plays a new song acoustically. Just wait until it's supported by a full band. Hot Damn.

[STREAMING] Cloud Nothings Self-Titled Debut

__________________________________________________________________________________STREAM COULD NOTHINGS AT FADER

Go listen to one of the most anticipated debut albums to come out thus far in 2011. Their brand of lo-fi punkish pop rock is catchy, loud, and pretty freaking awesome.

Unexpected Surprise | Archers of Loaf Reunite @ Cat's Cradle 1/16/11 | Hi Def Videos of Concert

          Last Saturday night was a homecoming for The Love Language, who have made a name for themselves nationally this year, at Cat's Cradle [Jan. 16th]. After enlisting a Carrboro band, Cellar Seas [not really up-and-coming, but they don't have a disc out yet] and a special guest I headed to the Cradle ready for some up-and-up pop music to forget about this bitter cold NC has been facing this past week. I really didn't expect there to be a big-name band slipping between the two bands, maybe a well-known, local Merge artist playing alongside the LL. Boy, was I mistaken.

           I idly slept through the 90's when it comes to music. I had no idea who the older fellas taking the stage were instead of the LL. I did recognize Mac McCaughan and Jon Wurster from Superchunk and one of those bearded guys from Megafaun, so I figured something was up because the LL is worthy of these names but I didn't think . Then I got the word from my editor at Diversions that Archers of Loaf were about to play.

Me: Cool, I'm texting my dad, he'll know who this is.

My Buddy Garrett [who was at the show]: No Shit, Archers of Loaf, they broke up a decade ago.

My Dad texted me back that they were along the lines of Superchunk
    Me: legit, I can dig this [I'm putting two and two together after seeing Mac and Jon]

           I had no idea who these guys were and they struck me as a little hard for my scene after the first song. I was definitely hearing the Superchunk vibes and by the second song I was sold, even though it wasn't my usual cup o' tea. The set was full of energy and seemingly flawless, if I didn't know they had broken up 12 years ago and they hadn't told the crowd, I would have thought they were on tour with the LL. I'm assuming the best of the best/easiest to remember songs made up the set list, but regardless they made an impression and I'm going to scouring record stores and eBay for some AofL vinyl. I did however listen to Icky Mettle, their first album and it's beyond anything I would have expected, it's great.

           Check out Pt. 2, 3, & 4 [to view to whole concert in hi-def!!!!] after the jump & the set-list as well.

[MP3z] The Babies | S/T Debut | Out 2/8

          The Babies are exactly what you would expect from a collaboration between Vivian Girl, Cassie Ramone, and Wood's Kevin Morby. The duo opened the garage and brought their rock to the beach. The fun-in-the-sun debut album combines lo-fi and catchy pop music to create a thoroughly enjoyable album. Looks like that Wavves/Best Coast tag-team album was bested in time and by The Babies, because

The Babies = Wavves + Best Coast

          Just trying to give you an idea of their sound, this is much better quality than their two 2010 albums combined. I just imagine Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused just jamming to this stuff stoned out of his mind with some 9th grade babe.

          I highly recommend that you download "Meet Me In The City" and "Run Me Over" below and watch out for their self-titled album  out Feb. 9th on Shrimper.

The Babies - Meet Me In The City
The Babies - Run Me Over

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[MP3] Tapes 'n Tapes | Freak Out

This song is by far the best on their recently released album Outsider, which came out January 11th.

[VID] Times New Viking | No Room To Live

Times New Viking is releasing their sophomore album, Dancer Equired, on MERGE RECORDS April 25th.

Check out the crazy detailed video above and grab the mp3 below. Looking forward to hearing more from the album in the very near future, their brand of soft-fi indie punk-rock is unmatched by its challengers.

Times New Viking - No Room To Live


  • The Love Language are going.
  • You know it's star packed when you have a hard time finding The New Pornographers on there.
  • Mumford and Sons may be a size or two too big.
  • It's pretty awesome to see The Black Keys get some lovin'.
  • Lil' B and OFWGKTA will draw bigger audiences than Kings of Leon, no doubt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[VID+MP3] Futurebirds | Ski Chalet

Futurebirds - Ski Chalet from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

Check out the rest of the session HERE. This is the only original song they play. Covers of Smokey Robinson and Velvet Underground constitute the rest.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Recommended Spring Triangle Concerts

Sat. 1/29 Best Coast & Wavves w/ No Joy
Fri. 3/4 Superchunk w/ Velee
Thur. 4/7 Destroyer w/ The War on Drugs
Mon. 4/18 British Sea Power

Fri. 1/21 Megafaun w/ The Tender Fruit
Sat. 1/22 Megafaun w/ Cloudlines
Fri. 1/28 American Aquarium w/ The Delta Saints & Jack the Radio
Sat. 1/29 American Aquarium w/ Whiskey Gentry & Lee Bains and the Glory Fires

Fri. 1/21 Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Sat. 1/22 Mandolin Orange w/ Sinful Savage Tigers & Alex Hall (of Big Al Hall & The Marching Rams)
Sun. 1/30 Smith Westerns w/ Yuck
Mon. 3/7 Tennis w/ La Sera & Holiday Shores
Tue. 3/8 Dum Dum Girls w/ Reading Rainbow & Dirty Beaches
Thur. 3/10 Cults w/ Small Black & Sun Airway
Sat. 3/12 Wye Oak w/ Lower Dens
Sun. 3/13 Telekinesis
Mon. 3/14 The Rural Alberta Advantage

[VID] The Low Anthem play "Ghost Woman Blues" on Letterman

What a beautiful song and performance. They don't go for a big flashy performance, like most, but their atypical performance is captivating. The Low Anthem seem to really be clicking now and settling into their skin. Looks like that Spaghetti sauce factory paid dividends to their sound and their mindset. Smart Flesh is out Feburary 22nd.

Monday, January 10, 2011

[STREAMING] Smith Westerns | Dye It Blonde


Grab a few mp3s from the album here.

Smith Westerns @ Local 506 in Chapel Hill w/ Yuck on January 30th.

[VID] Tennis | Pigeons

Catch Tennis @ Local 506 March 7th with La Sera and Holiday Shores. Grab their debut album Cape Dory.

Semi-Formal share "Rough Mixes"

I have been scouring Bandcamp while home on Christmas break and found a nice little Chapel Hill folk rock band that is working on an album. They have  posted three impressive demos from the album on Bandcamp already. The demos are free to download, so go snag those. Obviously if a band is working on demos we can expect an album in the future. Check their Myspace to find some more streamable tunes.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

[YTE YEAR END] SLEPT ON | American Aquarium

It's always disheartening to come across an album that is more than deserving to be in your top 35 albums of the year, even more so when it is top 10 material. That's what happened when my Dad pointed me towards American Aquarium's May, 2010 release, Small Town Hymns. What's even worse is that the band is right under my nose. This Raleigh alt-country band brought a whole lot of heart [whether broken or full], talent, whiskey, and Cowboy with them on this album. Luckily I was able to squeeze "Take It Easy On This Heart of Mine" onto the year end songs list, but that is just a taste of what the band brings to the table on this album. I highly recommend you check this out.


Nonchalant Rock. Yuck's brand of garage rock is infectious and simple. They don't try to be something they aren't nor do they try to be revolutionary. This is cut and dry lo-fi music that is good. According to my father they can easily be mistaken as Teenage Fanclub. Don't get the band confused with their counterpart Yu(c)k, a piano-driven side project. Listen to "Holing Out" and "Georgia" below, but check out a few more tracks at their Soundcloud page. Their self-titled debut is out February 2/15/11 through Fat Possum.
Yuck - Holing Out
Yuck - Georgia

Saturday, January 08, 2011

[MP3] Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers

[VID] James Blake | Limit To Your Love

          I haven't posted on James Blake before, but I just recently inquired a taste for his style. He is quite the suave fella. His minimalist electro-R&B may take a minute to get into but once the shell is cracked, you're going to be search Google for all of his stuff. This is a brilliant cover of a Fiest original. His song "CMYK" was on YTE's top songs of the year, a late but crucial entrant. His self-titled album is set to be released Feburary 2nd. You'll see more on him soon.

Friday, January 07, 2011


Here is a little impromptu mixtape of stuff that I have been listening to heavily lately. There is definitely an alternative country theme here. I did include some upcoming tunes, Tennis and Yuck. If you like some of the stuff, go check them out on Bandcamp, because some of the stuff  I found as a free download there. Enjoy this weekend.
DOWNLOAD No Rhyme, No Reason HERE
1]  Adam's House Cat - Nine Bullets
2] American Aquarium - I'm Sorry I Ruined Everything
3] American Aquarium - Mary, Mary
4] Blake Mills - Hey Lover
5] Chad Kichula - Killer
6] Drag the River - Bad Kreuznach
7] JKutchma - I'll Survive
8] Lucero - The Mountain
9] Micah Schnabel - Throwing Rocks at the Sun
10] Middle Brother - Me Me Me
11] Mike Cooley - Little Pony and the Great Big Horse
12] Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - Danger
13] Social Distortion - Can't Take It With You
14] Tennis - South Carolina
15] The Leadership - Keep The Change
16] The Recreation Station - The Answer
17] Uncle Tupelo - No Depression
18] Yuck - Get Away

Thursday, January 06, 2011

[LIVE BLOGGING] Social Distortion | Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes

Alright, let me preface this with the fact that Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes is the first Social Distortion release to infiltrate my iTunes. That doesn't mean that I'm not a fan, can't be a fan, but it does mean this spontaneous, type-what-you're-thinking post may not be spot on. If my feelings change about any part of the album I'll do a follow up review. Now that I have this out of the way, lets listen to this sucker.

1] Road Zombie 10:29PM
Alright, I may need to go get my studded belt and black leather jacket out of the attic, these guitars and drums are really kicking. Every album should start off with this much energy. These guitar riffs would be too hard for those 12-year-olds playing Guitar Hero nowadays. Well, this instrumental track has really set the tone, let's see if they keep up the pace. 2/5

2] California (Hustle And Flow) 10:32PM
This one keeps up with the hard rocking tone "Road Zombie" initiated. The harmonies are throwing me off a little, kind of like they did in Heaven Is Whenever, but the woman has a strong voice, like the woman in Dark Side of the Moon. This solo is kick-ass. Southern is the only word to describe it. It's heavy, smooth, and dirty like grandma's biscuits and gravy. It rings in at exactly five minutes, but doesn't drag one bit. 4/5

3] Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown 10:37PM
This one is a little softer, in that there is a lack of distortion. This one has the rocking tone I've come to enjoy in the first two songs, but I am feeling a little bit too much diversion from rock-solid attitue. A little soft. However this would be a great song for a Valentine's mixtape for a girl that really appreciates music. This one was a little shorter than the other. 2.5-3/5

4] Diamond In The Rough 10:41PM
This song really finds it's skin a little after a minute into it, the beginning isn't anything to be excited over. The story is taking the spotlight on this one. The guitars aren't as heavy and the chorus is more melodic and harmonized than previous songs. I'm digging the drums but not the number of times he sings "yeah." 2.5/5

5] Machine Gun Blues 10:46PM
Back on track. The song is upbeat and the guitars are laden with grit and grime. The chorus is harmonized again, can't tell if this is really fitting for the band but I haven't listened to any of their former stuff so this may be right in character, if it isn't I'd say is a ploy to draw in a larger following. The lead singer isn't really yelling into the microphone, more like speaking, but he's going right along with the ebb of the guitars and it sounds great. This song is badass to say the least, the name says it all. 4/5

6] Bakersfield 10:49PM
Here comes the ballad. It's inevitable with an alternative-country or country-punk or whatever genre they could be pinned down into. The guitars are taking it easy but they reinforce the emotion the singer is putting into the song. The song is about a man trying to get home to his baby girl, classic topic but it's done right here. This 6:25 is the total length and with two minutes left everything slows and Mike Ness [lead singer whose name I just looked up] starts talking, a good change of pace for the song. 4/5

7] Far Side Of Nowhere 10:57PM
This one starts of with a strong, yet catchy, guitar hook. I'm really liking this one. It's not as motorcycle-gang-theme-song as the album started but it's rocking. This one is too short. It seemed to be over before it had really dug into where the couple was headed. I guess you can talk about where they are going since the title is "The Far Side of Nowhere." This one would be a great ending to a Valentine's mixtape. This one has got the album back on track. 4-4.5/5

8] Alone And Forsaken 11:00PM
A PIANO!! I'm excited to see how this will tie in with the song. Well as the song kicks in the piano has disappeared. I can really hear the organ in the chorus, an instrument rarely used to its potential. Here, especially in the solo, it exceeds it's potential. Ness is digging the vocals out of the deepest echelons of his stomach, they are strong,deep, and eerie, but then if you listen to the words, the singing change-up is a great addition to the overall feel of the song. 3.5/5

9] Writing On The Wall 11:08PM
Alright the piano is in the beginning of the song again. It blends in with the music perfectly. I'm sick and let's get some piano in here to make me better. It doesn't look like I'll be cured, it doesn't seem to have made it into the later part of the song. I guess the organ player has to choose between organ and piano throughout the song. This piano let-down has affected my listening. The guitar solo is just the thing the song needed. This is the third song over five minutes long. With 2 minutes left the bulk of the instrumentation fell out and the PIANO came back. It was slid in there very nonchalantly, alright. The wind-down took a little long. 3/5

10] Can’t Take It With You 11:13PM
This one is rocking. Female vocals in the course. Damn, this sounds like a Southern Baptist Gospel Choir. If they weren't repeating the same thing they may make more of an impact on the song. I like how Ness pops in with their singing, it's a good mix. A PIANO SOLO halfway through with some gospel choir "Oo Oooo" This is just what I've wanted. This one just sounds fun. I want to put the windows down and drive straight to the Southwest. The chorus gets a little repetitive, but the instruments really meld into a cohesive sound to produce a great bluesy song. 5/5

11] Still Alive 11:22PM
It's already coming to a close, bummer. This one is still as lively as any song on the album. Is this song a middle finger to ever band who has failed or just trying to flaunt the fact that the band is still kicking and selling out venues across the country. The vocals are a little soft, and the chorus doesn't meet its potential, it sounds more like a 00's punkcore band than the hard reputation they have created over the many many years they have been together. I'll have to say that the energy is impressive at this point in the album, but the lyrics are sub-par. 2/5

[VID+MP3] Mumford & Sons Cover The Avett Brothers

[VID] Justin Townes Earle on Letterman

Here is Justin Townes Earle playing "Harlem River Blues" on David Letterman January 5, 2011. This song happened to make Your Third Ear's top songs of the year.

FREE MUSIC 1/6 [The Leadership, Curren$y, The Only Sons, & more]

The Leadership
I came across this yesterday and was sold after listening to the first song. After such a strong start I was skeptical to continue through this, but found it to be a strong and thorough album. This has the quality of a Drive-By Truckers album, true-to-heart stories, raging riffs, and a little twang. If you download anything today, let this be it.

The Only Sons
I brought you the stream of The Only Sons upcoming album, American Stranger, [HERE] but I want to make sure that you have something tangible to put into iTunes by The Only Sons. They released their Sophomore album Steel Hearts in 2009, to much acclaim I might add, for free on their website. They can't be that generous again unfortunately but I downloaded this about a week ago and was very impressed, it curtails the insanely good American Stranger with some

Kent Goolsby
The Only Sons lead singer, Kent Goolsby, released a solo effort, Wide Eyed Son, way back in December of 2010, and of course, it's free. The generosity of the guys in the band is absolutely awesome,just giving away their hard-earned music. If you like The Only Sons, you'll like Goolsby and what he has done on this album. The 6-song album is half the length of the band's efforts but packs the same punch that their albums do. Goolsby worked with fellow Murfreesboro, TN artist Joey Kneiser of the band GLOSSARY.

Walter Meego
Came across this thanks to YVYNL, yesterday. Here is another artist that is making good music but can't find an outlet to get his music on a label. I can't find too much about the artist [band?] but here is his [their?] album Wondervalley, for download.This is some well-done indie rock with a little bit of electronic layers. The first band that comes to mind is Vampire Weekend, in terms of the happy-go-lucky feelings VW leaves you with. Meego has a great voice to go along with his brand of pop music.

Well Curren$y "The Hot Spitta" dropped a bomb on New Year's Day. This mixtape has some great Curren$y material. This one features a few song produced by the rapper himself, which you have to applaud him for doing, however, a 2 minute outro of the same beat the song has used is a little unnecessary. There are some good artists featured on "Moon & Stars Remix", Big K.R.I.T. and Killa Kyleon, which help Curren$y on the dopest offering from the mixtape. The tape is a follow-up to his 2008 mixtape, Welcome to the Winner's Circle.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

[VID] Destroyer | Kaputt

[STREAMING] British Sea Power | Valhalla Dance Hall

Yeah, yeah, this is another post w/o a downloadable, but you may want to give their fifth studio album Valhalla Dancehall a listen. Don't count out this British rock band, British Sea Power are putting out some solid rock on Valhalla Dancehall, and I don't mean that hard-rocking accent-heavy rock by Muse. I have a hard time finding any accent from the Brighton singer's voice, which is never a downturn, but can sometimes, and in this case, be a good thing. Valhalla Dancehall is out next Tuesday 1/10/2011, pre-order it here.
Stream Valhalla Dancehall at A.V. CLUB

[STREAMING] The Only Sons | American Stranger


The Only Sons are streaming their upcoming album American Stranger on Bandcamp. The band has a distinct country sizzle paired with a lean slab of rocking guitar that makes for a delicious product.

After a successful 2009 release, the band is following up with this strong album that satisfies country and rock fans alike. That 2009 album, Steel Hearts, which really jump-started their career was released for free, find it at their Bandcamp and DOWNLOAD IT.

Check out The Only Sons on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

[MP3] Troubel | Just Let Him Be

I was doing a little bandcamping earlier today and came across Troubel, a great little folk band with a tender sound. The band is the project of Raleigh, NC [via Boone, NC] troubadour troubeladour Adam Walton, and Troubel's first album The Mountain. The Broken, released Dec. 7, 2010,  featured collaborations with local musicians including his fiancée Anna Cox. The first name that came to mind when listening was The Tallest Man on Earth; both have an impressive mastery of the guitar. However upon listening further, violins, banjos, and elegant female vocals accompany the mountainous and heartfelt stories the album contains.
Troubel is playing The Brewery in Raleigh on Jan. 18th @ 8:00P.M.

On Troubel's Bandcamp, the album is described as "Real. Pain. Love. Apathy. Grace. Doubt. Truth."

Monday, January 03, 2011

[STREAMING] The Decemberists | The King Is Dead

Stream The King is Dead at NPR.

The Decemberists sixth full-length album is set to be released 1/18/11 via Capitol Records.[PRE-ORDER]

*This is a contender for their best album. This one conjures up their folk sound of yore and with the help of some guy from that phenomenal band R.E.M., PETER BUCK. The King is Dead isn't a Colin Meloy and the Decemberists album. Meloy shares the limelight with the whole band fostering a wholesome sounding album, setting the bar high for established bands in 2011.

[YTE Year End] Top Songs of 2010 [50-1]

50] Woods - Blood Dries Darker
48] Avi Buffalo - What's In It For?
47] Toro Y Moi - Low Shoulder
46] Horse Feathers - Belly of June
45] Tennis - Marathon
44] Mandolin Orange - Poor Boy Poor Me
43] Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait
41] Phosphorescent - It's Hard to be Humble [When You're From Alabama]
40] Future Islands - Swept Inside
39] Alejandro Escovedo - Anchor
37] The Lonely Forest - Live There
36] Local Natives - Airplanes
35] Band of Horses - Northwest Apartment
34] Midtown Dickens - Springs
32] The Avett Brothers - Spanish Pipedream [VID]
31] Girls - Heartbreaker
30] American Aquarium - Take It Easy On This Heart of Mine
29] Kings Go Forth - You're the One
28] Dent May - Eastover Wives
27] Japandroids - Younger Us

Don't forget to check out....

25] Young The Giant - My Body
24] The Moondoggies - It's A Shame, It's A Pity
23] The Hold Steady - Hurricane J
22] The War On Drugs - Comin' Through
21] Sharon Van Etten - A Crime
20] LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change
19] Megafaun - Carolina Days
18] The Tallest Man On Earth - King of Spain
17] Lost In The Trees - Song for the Painter
16] Crystal Castles - Not In Love [ft. Robert Smith]
15] Lonnie Walker - Love Turn
14] Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Fake Empire [Ryan Lewis BONUS]
13] Yeasayer - O.N.E.
12] The Gaslight Anthem - She Loves You
11] Mumford & Sons - The Cave
10] James Blake - CMYK
09] Drive-By Truckers - Birthday Boy
08] Futurebirds - APO
07] Delta Spirit - Bushwick Blues
06] Black Mountain - The Hair Song
05] Deerhunter - Helicopter [Diplo & Lunice Mix]
04] Carolina Chocolate Drops - Hit 'Em Up Style
03] Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union
02] The Black Keys - Never Give You Up
01] The Love Language - Heart To Tell