Tuesday, January 04, 2011

[MP3] Troubel | Just Let Him Be

I was doing a little bandcamping earlier today and came across Troubel, a great little folk band with a tender sound. The band is the project of Raleigh, NC [via Boone, NC] troubadour troubeladour Adam Walton, and Troubel's first album The Mountain. The Broken, released Dec. 7, 2010,  featured collaborations with local musicians including his fiancée Anna Cox. The first name that came to mind when listening was The Tallest Man on Earth; both have an impressive mastery of the guitar. However upon listening further, violins, banjos, and elegant female vocals accompany the mountainous and heartfelt stories the album contains.
Troubel is playing The Brewery in Raleigh on Jan. 18th @ 8:00P.M.

On Troubel's Bandcamp, the album is described as "Real. Pain. Love. Apathy. Grace. Doubt. Truth."

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