Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recommended Free Downloads

Holiday For Quince Records - Compilation Vol. 1
local Chapel Hill label showcases it's talent

Twin Sister - Color Your Life EP 

Cults - Cults 7"

Hopscotch Festival Announces Lineup

first annual festival attracts big acts

9th Wonder & Friends (a dozen local rappers, plus 1-2 big national guests)
Active Child
All Tiny Creatures
American Aquarium
Americans in France
Atlas Sound
Bear in Heaven
Best Coast
Birds of Avalon
Jeb Bishop Trio
Black Congo NC
Richard Buckner
Burning Star Core
DJ George Brazil
Broken Social Scene
Brutal Knights
Caitlin Cary & Small Ponds with Tres Chicas
Cannabis Corpse
Collections of Colonies of Bees
Greg Davis
Double Dagger
Double Negative
The Dynamite Brothers
First Rate People
Followed by Static
Ben Frost
Fucked Up
Future Islands
Golden Boys
The Golden Filter
Gray Young
Ryan Gustafson
Hammer No More the Fingers
Harvey Milk
Horseback (full metal band debut)
John Howie Jr & The Rosewood Bluff
I Was Totally Destroying It
Kill the Noise
The Kingsbury Manx
Kooley High
The Light Pines
Lonnie Walker
The Love Language
Max Indian
Eric McKeown
Midtown Dickens
The Monologue Bombs
Jon Mueller
Motor Skills
Marissa Nadler
Midtown Dickens
The Moaners
No Age
Old Bricks
Panda Bear *
Pattern is Movement
Public Enemy
The Rosebuds
Spider Bags
Sharon Van Etten
spcl gst
Treasure Fingers
US Christmas
Vincent Black Shadow
War on Drugs
Washed Out
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Whatever Brains

*ONE of TWO US Shows the Animal Collective Member is Slated for in '10
Bold = Recommend

No doubt that there are some major acts rolling through Raleigh in early September. These bold acts are just ones that I recognize as being worth your time. Some are not. Others [lots] I know nothing about and will be researching and most likely posting on the blog. Maybe a special...I don't want to over commit myself seeing as it would be a big task but definitely ones unknown to me that y'all should check it will be posted. Having some big names in music stopping by will no doubt create more of a buzz for the festival, one that could keep it a recurring end-of-summer jamfest or draw larger acts before the festival releases more names on April 12th.

Raleigh Venues Being Used
The Berkeley Cafe, Deep South the Bar, Five Star, The Hive at Busy Bee, Kings, Lincoln Theatre, The Pour House, Raleigh City Plaza, Slim’s and Tir Na Nog

Admission for Hopscotch Music Festival is designed to suit a wide range of fans. Individual tickets for the shows in Raleigh City Plaza—on Friday, Sept. 10, featuring Panda Bear, Broken Social Scene and The Rosebuds; on Saturday, Sept. 11, featuring Public Enemy, No Age and The Love Language—cost $30 each. For $45, fans can buy a wristband that allows entry into all nine festival clubs for all three days. A limited number of $85 wristbands gain fans admission to both City Plaza shows and all clubs, saving $20 off of face value. A very limited number of $120 VIP wristbands are available.

 To purchase tickets and find out more about the festival visit their website or twitter

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[COVER] Lissie Does Lady Gaga

forget pop nonsense when this chorus sneaks in

Lissie has one of the strongest and captivating voices out there, very similar to Lady Gaga in the astonishingly brawny, good sense. It helps that this song is quite catchy. If there is a woman to watch vocally in the next year or so, Lissie is that woman.  

LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening

finally a title and a cover

The album from James Murphy is due out on May 18th through DFA/Virgin Record Labels.

The first single is "Drunk Girls." Check it out here. A rather anthemic counterpart to last years "I Love College" due to their chosen subjects. Well, lets see what else the album has to offer on the 18th.

Here's the Tracklisting for This Is Happening:
  1. Dance Yrself Clean
  2. Drunk Girls 
  3. One Touch
  4. All I Want
  5. Change 
  6. Hit 
  7. Pow Pow
  8. Somebody's Calling Me 
  9. What You Need

[VIDEO] MGMT | "Flash Delerium"

Monday, March 29, 2010

[VIDEOs] The Avett Brothers European Vacation

[VIDEO] Titus Andronicus | "A More Perfect Union"

I feel as I have been avoiding the hype of Titus Andronicus, but I just didn't feel The Monitor on my first listen through. After listening to a few songs numerous times I will have to give it another listen.

Notorious B.I.G. & The XX

tantalizing tunes conceived through unlikely duo 

Today's special: The XX

After reviewing the album I was over at [WAWSTSF] and found this awesome piece of mashed up pie. Wait What [yes, the name of the musician who mixed these artist] took a rather foolish inspiring question "What would "Juicy" sound like over "VCR"? as the basis of the project in which he becomes a surrogate baby mama for the XX and B.I.G. Even though Biggie has been utilized in a mash-up by almost any artist who combines music, this one still offers stints of syncopated British Alt/Electro Biggie. Here is a snippet from the promotion information:
The marriage, if you can call it that -- and really, you can't, given that it's about 43 minutes long, so he's more aiming for a really solid connection between two people just trying to feel something -- is admittedly unorthodox.Biggie's music can make anyone at the club feel like they're a rapper, and gets a dance floor going at most any party, whereas The xx are mostly consumed in iPod earbuds on public transit, sitting in isolation at home, or driving alone -- in many ways, the combination of the two is the extrovert meets the introvert.
Wait What's website has the album streaming through soundcloud.

Check out Wait What's rendition of "Basic Space" and "Hypnotize."

Check out a video for the "Juicy," "VCR" song "Juicy-r" after the jump.

The XX @ Cat's Cradle 3/25

UK band puts on a great show

¡As per usual, big thanks to Cameron Brown for awesome concert pics!

Now, I wasn't the biggest fan last year. I might have caught the last bit of the wave everyone was surfing all year. They left something to be desired with their debut release. That desirable piece of the XX missing from XX is a live performance. A live set completes the cycle of turning one from a listener into a fan. I can safely say that after this show, I am a fan of the XX. Whether it was the death stares from Oliver Sim [bassist] at Romy Madley-Croft [guitar] or the crazy light show [for a Cat's Cradle show, that is] or the music, the band rocked the stage at the sold out show. They sound wasn't impeccable, their thick British accents got  bogged down between mic and amp, but other than that, a sound performance. They played a planned encore, in which they turned on the lights in the back drop[pictured above]. They started the set off strong, knocking off their hits one by one until there weren't any hits left for the latter part of the show. If they haven't made it to your city yet, you'd be a fool to not snatch up a ticket right now. If they already came through your town, looks like you're S.O.L. on hitting up these UKer's first headlining US tour.

See the plethora of pictures Cameron took

Sunday, March 28, 2010

[MASHED] Freeway Ft. Jay-Z | Toro Y Moi

|:|Chillwave and rap; the inventive nuances|:| 
Who would have ever thought that Jay-Z would ever want to collaborate with Toro Y Moi? Not Me. Not Jay-Z. Not Toro Y Moi. Luckily there are some creative geniuses out there introducing the music of the two polar opposite artists. The unknown artist melds "You Hid" a less than stellar [compared to others off Causers Of This]Toro Y Moi song and the O-G song by Freeway featuring Jay-Z "Big Spender." It may not be the best Mash Up that you've ever heard but it's still ear-pleasing and leaves you wanting Jay-Z to experiment with the chillwave dudes, for real.

On a side note, help out Chaz Bundick by buying Causers Of This. Last night someone jacked his passport and equipment from his car. The picture below is his car, found it on his twitter. This is forcing an abrupt end to his tour with The Ruby Suns. Look for him opening for Caribou this spring/summer. [@ Cat's Cradle on May 12th]

Saturday, March 27, 2010

jj @ Cat's Cradle 3/25

|:|Worst Act at Concert I've Been To?|:| 

I'll have to admit, when I saw that jj was coming to Cat's Cradle, I snatched up tickets asap. I knew the XX were the headliner and I wasn't too keen to their music, but I didn't care who the headliner was, I wanted to see jj. Boy, was I let down.
There might have been some pretty interesting videos being played on that white sheet behind her, but it was just a clever ploy to distract from a most disengaging performance. Besides the fact that the chatter by the sold out crowd almost drowned out any sound that she was producing [I was on the 2nd row], she didn't even look like she was enjoying herself. She played the first song with guitar then sang over backing instrumentals for the rest of the show. Her boyfriend, the other side of jj I'm supposing, came out in [most likely] an elevated state of mind, barely able to play the guitar, even though it was already playing on the backing instrumentals, so I don't know why he was up there. Though the music is great and creative, a dismal live performance has really questioned my judgement and enjoyment I receive from their music. Saying little to the audience, she stood poised with a head full of hair, fidgeting with her Blue Moon like a child in an Elementary School play. She made her rounds through all their hits then when it came time for the final song, a guitar malfunction led to an abrupt end to the show. Luckily an astoundingly stellar performance from The XX made up for the lack of one by jj.

As always, I would like to thank Cameron Brown for taking some pretty awesome pictures.

Toro Y Moi @ Local 506 3/23

|:|What happens at a Chillwave concert?|:|

I have been listening and listening to "Causers of This" by Toro Y Moi to no end. A sentiment to the music that Chaz Bundick highly distorts then loops to make impeccably entertaining music. After messing around with the looping system for a few minutes concocting a magic potion to hypnotize the audience. Then after a short pause in sound the bass hits and the song begins and the whines into the microphone and exhausted synthesizers mesh to form an engrossing song. This set was amazing, it was about 45 minutes of straight hits. He had the attention of the audience, of whom were mostly there to see him, as I made some friends that were there to just see him [as I was]. There was about an 8 minute song that was either a spontaneous tangent or something of the UPCOMING album. Yes, he has another 2010 album coming out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recent Drake Single & Remixes/Mashes

|:|From bizarre to legit, new Drake covers technicolor spectrum|:| 

Drake - Over[via p4k]
I'd be surprised if you haven't heard this song yet. One of the best Drake songs to date. All the gloating in "Over" begs to be compared to Lil Wayne's "Greatest Rapper Alive." If you haven't forgotten, Drake is still doing himself, it'll be a while until he stops. He borrows from a great rap song, Dead Prez's song "Hip-Hop," a recent classic. Well I'll stop talking Drake up, because I'm sure he'll do enough of that on Thank Me Later.

Right now the sheer nostalgia that Timon's annoying cartoon-y voice is conjuring up is impairing either the creative genius of this mash up or it's flaming pile of shi+. I will let y'all decide.

The Jay-Z snippet in the intro sets the tone. Definitely a song that would work in the club. The beat, though the annoying woman vocal piece is used way to often, is overall, fly. The up and down electro sound is spy-like and flighty but would be a great entrance for the Butabi brothers at the Roxbury. The best remix of the song I have heard, check some more here. I think since Drake thinks so highly of himself in "Over" the Lion King should mockingly back this one.

[VIDEO] Kid Cudi | "Sountrack to My Life"

This is a like the video for "cudderisback," is there an underground documentary on Cudder? hat would probably be the most awesome thing ever. KANYE makes an appearance and an awesome black and white effect is used in the 2nd third of the video which is new and eye-catching. I should really try and catch him @ Dook on the 1st.

Hopscotch Festival Announces [a few] Names

|:|A Varied Lineup to Play 1st Annual Raleigh Festival|:|

Fucked Up
Bear in Heaven
Washed Out
Treasure Fingers
First Rate People

Find out more about the festival in an earlier post I have done about it, or check out their not so utilized website or up-to-date twitter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[VIDEOs] Toro Y Moi | "Talamak" & Live

|:|Live Session Shows Engaging Chillwave Performance|:|

[CURRENT] The National | "Bloodbuzz Ohio" [HQ]

|:|The first released song off High Violet out May 11|:| 

[DOWNLOAD] [follow link to The National Website For Free DL]

I don't know if it was a bout of laziness or the post-exam lull, but I didn't post or even listen to the crappy radio-rip of the new National song "Bloodbuzz Ohio." It paid off. They have decided to give out a High Quality version of the song which is has given me a very impressive first impression. Cataloged by the deep voice of Matt Berninger over a classy piano, rather stellar drum piece, and  tag-teamed strings and guitar produce a great first single for the new album. Sounds catchy enough to blow up, who knows....

[FREE] Phoenix | Live In Sydney


[DOWNLOAD] zip file

The Grammy-Winning French band with an irresistible pop flavor have generously offered a free download of a live show from Sydney, Australia. The band played all the hits from their Grammy-Winning Best Alternative album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and they are giving them away free. Quite unheard of, especially from a band which has gotten as big as Phoenix. Here is more about the download.

Live In Sydney Tracklist:

The Gaslight Anthem | New Album & Single

|:|Boys from Jersey's shore praise long-lost Americana|:| 

The heavy-hearted punk-rockers are back at it with the single "American Slang" from the aptly name forthcoming album American Slang. I have been intrigued by this band since I received an unexpected package from my father in late '08 holding The '59 Sound. The album is being released on June 15th through SideOneDummy. 

American Slang Tracklist:
01] American Slang
02] Stay Lucky
03] Bring It On
04] The Diamond Church Street Choir
05] The Queen of Lower Chelsea
06] Orphans
07] Boxer
08] Old Haunts
09] The Spirit of Jazz
10] We Did It When We Were Young

[VIDEO] Ted Leo & The Pharmacists | The Mighty Sparrow

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


|:|ABSOLUT teams up with the recent NY King to create interesting story|:|

[Current] Broken Social Scene | "All to All" & "Forced To Love"

|:|More impressive songs from Forgiveness Rock Record|:| 

Download "World Sick" [here]

Beach House on The Blogotheque

The Pack A.D.

|:|Now that the White Stripes have a GH album, a replacement is needed|:| 

Check out this song from The Pack A.D. which sounds very much like blues, hard rock with simple guitar chords and simple singing. The Pack A.D. is Becky Black and Maya Miller who have tamed their instruments to nearly perfect domestication, evident on this single. This band that is going to be putting out some good music in the future. "Crazy" is the first song to be released off their April 27th release, We Kill Computers. Give it a listen, enjoy the garage rock and strong vocals because I feel an impending breakthrough when this new album is unveiled. They are playing a 21+ show in the Triangle @ The Pinhook Thursday March 25th.

Slow Runner

|:|Charleston, SC groups makes melodic pop anthems with ease|:| 
If you have ever caught Slow Runner live, you'll know what I mean. But if you haven't seen them before, it's probably because they have been fairly limited to touring in the Southeast. They have opened for The Avett Brothers, which is quite a feat in and of itself. [It's great when artist recognized fellow musicians who are doing it, and doing it well] I saw these guys live a little more than a year ago and were very impressed with their sound. The lead singers voice can get as high as Lil' Wayne does daily and is more versatile than a reversible sweater. They had a great stage personality which really engaged the audience. I remember talking to people in the crowd who were at the show to see Slow Runner and they weren't the headliner. Well via their twitter, it sees as though they have some tunes coming out pretty soon and I wanted to give you a taste of what they sound like before you're blown away by their upcoming release. Here is a video announcing the new EP Ghost Rendition out March 30. [ONE WEEK!] Apparently it sounds like Darth Vader's dreams, interesting...

Monday, March 22, 2010

[CURRENT] The Hold Steady | "Hurricane J"

|:|First Single off upcoming album|:|

Here is the first released song from The Hold Steady's upcoming May 4th release Heaven Is Whenever. What an inspirational/not uplifting title for an album! This song sounds similar to songs off Boys and Girls in America. A great song about breaking up with Jessie "I don't want you to settle, I want you to grow." Much less harsh than a typical cop-out: "It's not me, it's you." A great single to get everyone stoked about Heaven Is Whenever.

The tracklisting for Heaven Is Whenever   

Live Videos From SXSW

|:|Locally Formed Band Re-Unites at SXSW: Superchunk|:|

Superchunk, the early 90's from Chapel Hill reunited at SXSW playing at a few different venues. Here is a great video from an acoustic set.

Japadroids playing "Young Hearts Spark Fire @ Urban Outfitters @ SXSW

Admiral Radley is a new band formed from members of Grandaddy and Earlimart. They played a Tiny Concert for npr while in Austin.

Freelance Whales played some great live songs for npr while in Austin. I really hate I was at the beach when they came through Chapel Hill.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Congratulations Streaming on MGMT site

|:|A leaked album is best heard legally|:| 

Listen to MGMT's new album Congratulations on their website, streaming. Since it leaked they have decided to stream it so you can hear it legally. DON'T expect any hooks like "Kids" or "Electric Feel" but a more mellowed out bliss that will take until the album's release to learn to love.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

[COVER] Jónsi | "Time to Pretend [MGMT]"

|:|Jónsi strips down renown pop group's first single from 2008|:|

Earlier today on BBC Radio Jónsi played a number of songs including this cover of MGMT's "Time To Pretend." He turned this uppity, catchy pop song into a dark, piano heavy, lofty version which emphasizes the song's lyrics beautifully. This song's transition into an emotional ballad is beautifully done by the Sigur Rós frontman whose album Go is coming out 4/5.

Here is the whole set he recorded:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

|:|Grotesque Cover Promoting Bestiality Is Eye-Catching|:|

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's new single "Round and Round" has recently been named a 'best new track' by Pitchfork. Whatever that means, this single dons eye-catching cover and behind that cover is a remarkably different stand-out song that should be drowned by the immense number of similar tracks, but it memorable. Enter your email in the widget to get the download.  

[CURRENT] The Black Keys | "Tighten Up"

|:|First Single from Brothers, out 5/18|:| 

The first single off The Black Keys upcoming album Brothers is streaming on their Myspace NOW. "Tighten Up" is a authentic, archetypal resounding Black Keys song with effortlessly pounding drums with badass guitar rhythms strung all over this contemporary blues piece. Not surprising, the Danger Mouse [Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells] produced single has a soulful, catchy, melodic sound, bringing out a organic sound, lending a fresh perspective on the duo. A phenomenal song to commence the hype of Brothers.

MGMT is sorry for the quality of....

|:|Their latest single "Flash Delirium"|:| 

The psychedelic rockers are maybe regretting releasing "Flash Delirium" as the first single off Congratulations because of it's widely divergent sound from 2008's Oracular Spectacular. In a statement released earlier this week by Ben Goldwasser said, “Andrew [Andrew VanWyngarden] just reminded me of that - that we thought it was the funniest thing we’d ever heard. And then we got used to it, it started to sound more normal. It’s not a single, but we thought it was a good way to entice people to listen to the whole record. I’m sure there are plenty of people who think it’s completely weird and not what they were expecting. I’m sorry.” I mean, it is a good idea, release an okay single that people are skeptical about to get them to check out the entire album. They have an ear for music, so they surely aren't going to make a disappointing album, it's just that people may need time to embrace the new direction. 

|:|Congratulations streaming on 3/23 in attempt to redeem nam|:|

Because of this "flopped" single "Flash Delirium," congratulations will begin streaming on NPR until the release date in an attempt to return folks to their cult-like support of the band. I'll be sure to get the stream up here early on Tuesday. I'm thoroughly excited to hear the whole album, see how different the bands infectious sound has evolved.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basement Tape [Introduction]

|:|Bangkok Rockers Stuck In The Sixties|:| 
Man, fads do fan out slowly, this type of music hasn't been popular for a while here in the U.S. Is Basement Tape that cool that they play old school tunes or are they a futuristic band from the 60's invading the music scene? Well, neither. They are a group of Thai that are bringing back the tranquil rock tunes of the 60's with a faultless Hey You! EP released back in September of 2009. Here are the first two songs off the EP which are free songs on You'll find a purely 60's standard hard-rocking sound with Batman [the TV Show] theme song type guitar riffs. On the opposite end of the spectrum they have that bell bottom reverence with muted shouts and a slowly progressing sound. Americans in Bangkok, that may be one reason why they aren't doing so well. Nevertheless, they are a rare find that I am able to share with you AND they are relatively catchy. [in the least Pop way possible] I don't want to say look out for more of them soon, but I'll keep an eye out for anything else they put out.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings Live @ SXSW

|:|Listen to/Download their whole set @ NPR|:|

This groovy bandy really brings back everything that is great about jazz and 70's funk. They break it down hard and revive it real slow, just how it's supposed to be. It's hard not to get spellbound by their contagious instrumentation. The set includes snippets of "When The Saints Go Marching In" and "This Land Is My Land." If nothing, appreciate her voice as one of the classiest and broad-shouldered in the biz. Listen to it live on NPR or download the whole thing above as a 47 minute long mp3. Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings are headed to Cat's Cradle on Tuesday, May 11th with Binky Griptite & The Mellomatics. Tickets are sure to be a hot commodity, getting yours before they're all out. Check out the new single"I Learned the Hard Way" from their upcoming album I Learned the Hard Way out April 6th. Pre-order from Amazon for $7.99.

Toro Y Moi | "109"

|:|Playing @ Local 506 [Chapel Hill] Tuesday, March 23|:| 
I cannot get over this dude. Chaz Bundick is THE MAN. He goes under the moniker Toro Y Moi. He released his first 2010 album, Causers of This, in the beginning of February. He is planning on releasing another LP this year, 2 in one year [CRAZY], while riding the success that COT has generated already. Certainly one of the best albums of the year. The chillwave twist that Bundick incorporates with the bliss that defines his music is commendably innovative and similarly radiant and admirable as just about any album put out this year. Here is a tune off his 2009 "Blessa" single that is a sign of what is to come on his next album, more instrumentation and a full band sound that diverges from COT but in a new, experimental way that demands to be appreciated and different. He is opening for fellow "semi-chillwave" artist The Ruby Suns at the Local 506 on Tuesday, March 23.

1 Albums : 5 Sentences [The Ruby Suns]

|:|Short Write-Up on the Chillwave Bliss that is Fight Softly|:|

The Ruby Suns - Fight Softly

Classic chillwave. Did I just waste a sentencing saying that this album is a typical chillwave album, an album that encompasses the qualities of a newly developed, boundless, hard to define genre? Yes, this album’s somewhat distorted sound is an electronically blissful noise that isn’t as cheerfully-optimistic as Neon Indian but not as definitively stationary as say a Washed Out. They incorporate a variety of sounds and beats, specifically techno beats and uncanny jingles that create a solid base reducing the trip-inducing sensations that the chillwave genre usually stimulates. The maturation of this infantile type of music is shown in the remarkably catchy yet quality album that puts the chillwave on a pedestal to be admired and shown-off for all its distorted, computerized glory.

1 Albums : 5 Sentences [Gorillaz]

|:|5 Sentence Reviews of Plastic Beach|:|

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

The newest album from the cartoon geniuses [Blur frontman Damon Albarn] which combined songs laden with poppy, lofty, lulling, vocals [similar to Beach House on the beginning of “Empire Ants”] while contrasting that with the complete opposite, genuine hip hop beats accompanied by legitimate rap acts Snoop Dogg and Mos Def. The ingeniousness of combining hip hop and techno &/or electronic [arguably the first to do it] from earlier albums is polished into two amazing tracks, “Stylo [featuring Bobby Womack & Mos Def]” and “Rhinestone Eyes.” Like Miley Cyrus collaborating with Nickelback [what a nightmare that would be] Lou Reed guest stars on “Some Kind Of Nature” which is either to get his name floating around again [your welcome, Lou] or to give the album a mostly universally relatable rock ‘n roll name for profiteering purposes, but anyways there is something that isn’t quite right about this collaboration. The album is an excellent piece of art that multifaceted in its perception [electronic, rap, pop] but when they are going for pop, they’re Beatles-esque, when they are going for hip-hop they’re a re-incarnated Biggie, when the cartoons are shooting for electronic they are Daft Punk-like. They aspire to bend, combine, and amalgamate genres and in doing so they separate themselves from a set classification except the good album taxonomy. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lil Wayne x The Office

|:|These are two of my favorite things|:|

Lil Weezy should not be put over The Office theme song, rather the Village People or "Jalihouse Rock" seeing as he's all locked up now. This is an interesting idea that is put together surprisingly flawlessly. If it had been new Wayne work that would have been even better but people like to make beats and place old Dwayne Carter material over their creation. The Office is arguably the funniest show on television, and Wayne may be a fading Hip-Hop fiend but this is a duo that is rather strong and musically tantalizing. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meth. Ghost. Rae. [Hip Hop Switch Up]

|:|I Don't Usually Get Gangster, Here's An Exception|:|

Meth Ghost Rae - Miranda
Meth Ghost Rae - Youngstown Heist
Meth Ghost Rae - Criminology 2.5
follow links to external download sites [mediafire & usershare]

Method Man, Ghostface Killer, and Raekwon are teaming up to create a rap "supergroup" on this new album and so far are killing it. The 3 are original member of the Wu-Tang Clan, but have ventured off to do a separate project. I heard this stuff today @[2DB] and was blown away. They are claiming they were rushed through the recording process. How about rushing this album out already, March 30th is way to long to wait.

Aislyn Remix | Freelance Whales | "Generator ^ First Floor

|:|Passion Pit Keyboardist & GF Rework Into Even Greater Brilliance|:|

Here is a remix of an awesome song by an upcoming band Freelance Whales. They burst onto the scene in the latter part of '09 and caught the attention of many music enthusiast for their electronic backwoods pop. Looks like they have also entranced Aislyn Passion Pit keyboardist Ian Hultquist and girlfriend Sofia Degli Alessandri .[hipster name for sure] Together the Whales and 1/2 of Passion Pit take "Generator ^ First Floor" and add some electronic noisetastic sounds along with some sticky beats to create an alternate take which does the original a grand honor and really shows the potential of the band if they can be remixed so wonderfully. Found over at [SG]

Electric Wire Hustle | "They Don't Want"

|:| |:|

Electric Wire Hustle  is a new band that I found today [YT] but I am real impressed with their sound. They claimed that their last show of 2010 was 2/13, so what does that mean, album coming soon or they are done playing. But last of the year insinuates that they will be playing some more in the future. Something new and interesting I wanted to pass along. They have a bunch of videos and songs over @ Myspace.

The Low Anthem | Lissie | Annie & The Beekeepers 3/13 Cat's Cradle

|:|Amazing Show From All 3 Acts|:|

*I would like to thank Cameron Brown for taking these phenomenal pictures at the show*

Annie & The Beekeepers

I was blow away by these guys. Having never heard of them before, I left the show with a new band that everyone needs to know about. They have a folk sound [banjo, violin, etc...] and that combined with their chemistry that they physically projected on stage made for an enjoyable set. They even sold Honey and homemade beeswax lip balm, none of that Burt's Bees junk. Check out their myspace, they have an EP that they recently put out. I'll try to get some mp3's for y'all. Meanwhile, check out some videos of live performances.


The Low Anthem

This was definitely the highlight of the show. The main act should be the pinnacle of worth for standing for hours on end to see a show. These guys put on a hell of a show. They knew that they have a very inconsistent flow, switching between slow, jam, and rockin' out. They played some wonderful new material that is going to be on an upcoming album! Some of the new tunes were more upbeat with heavy blues inflections that is a great new sound from the band, different than Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. They explained that they spent 6 months in a pasta sauce factory 1000x the size of Cat's Cradle and came up with the new music. The band really meshes and you can tell when they are having a good time and in awe of fellow mates that are playing stand-out. They have a plethora of unique instruments.

The Crotales, which looks to be a xylophone made of cymbals played with a violin bow [see picture]
The Cell Phone, they had us call whoever we came with then put the speaker on put them close together, great/fun audience participation
The Saw, Matt Davidson would play the saw by bending it at the end and playing the edge with a violin bow
The Pump Organ

Funny Story: Unbeknown to me Daylight Savings time occurred on Sunday [technically the end of the show [after midnight]] and I got back to my girlfriends house at 3:10 and I certainly know the hour and a half drive did not start at 1:30 because the show ended at 12:30, well ends up the time change threw me off.

Monday, March 15, 2010

[GUESS WHO] iamamiwhoami Unleashes Full Video

|:|Unknown [& shrinkwrapped] woman puts out another video|:|

Will the monotony of Monday postings from this mysterious project ever end? Black cats, 2-inch long eyelashes, stark blue eyes, and SHRINK WRAPPING adorn this video with an eerie tone much like the other videos. There are a few males who are not shot in full with large beards, a head with a matted part, and sandals with socks which make it even creepier. Could the black cats be an omen along with the hourglass. Is time up for us to figure out who it is? Are we ever going to find out? Who knows? I'll post any updates I find out. Until then bask in the mysteriousness of this way-too-long-on-going saga.

[Streaming on YTE] She & Him | Volume Two

|:|Hear the much anticipated follow-up to Volume One|:|

It seems that Zooey Deschanel has taken over the vocal reigns while bringing out the best in M. Ward's musical capabilities. I'm impressed with what I have heard so far. Less coated in love laden ballads, Volume Two captures the unfairness, restlessness, and yearning for love that is more ideal for most than it's predecessor, Volume One.