Friday, March 19, 2010

MGMT is sorry for the quality of....

|:|Their latest single "Flash Delirium"|:| 

The psychedelic rockers are maybe regretting releasing "Flash Delirium" as the first single off Congratulations because of it's widely divergent sound from 2008's Oracular Spectacular. In a statement released earlier this week by Ben Goldwasser said, “Andrew [Andrew VanWyngarden] just reminded me of that - that we thought it was the funniest thing we’d ever heard. And then we got used to it, it started to sound more normal. It’s not a single, but we thought it was a good way to entice people to listen to the whole record. I’m sure there are plenty of people who think it’s completely weird and not what they were expecting. I’m sorry.” I mean, it is a good idea, release an okay single that people are skeptical about to get them to check out the entire album. They have an ear for music, so they surely aren't going to make a disappointing album, it's just that people may need time to embrace the new direction. 

|:|Congratulations streaming on 3/23 in attempt to redeem nam|:|

Because of this "flopped" single "Flash Delirium," congratulations will begin streaming on NPR until the release date in an attempt to return folks to their cult-like support of the band. I'll be sure to get the stream up here early on Tuesday. I'm thoroughly excited to hear the whole album, see how different the bands infectious sound has evolved.

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