Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basement Tape [Introduction]

|:|Bangkok Rockers Stuck In The Sixties|:| 
Man, fads do fan out slowly, this type of music hasn't been popular for a while here in the U.S. Is Basement Tape that cool that they play old school tunes or are they a futuristic band from the 60's invading the music scene? Well, neither. They are a group of Thai that are bringing back the tranquil rock tunes of the 60's with a faultless Hey You! EP released back in September of 2009. Here are the first two songs off the EP which are free songs on You'll find a purely 60's standard hard-rocking sound with Batman [the TV Show] theme song type guitar riffs. On the opposite end of the spectrum they have that bell bottom reverence with muted shouts and a slowly progressing sound. Americans in Bangkok, that may be one reason why they aren't doing so well. Nevertheless, they are a rare find that I am able to share with you AND they are relatively catchy. [in the least Pop way possible] I don't want to say look out for more of them soon, but I'll keep an eye out for anything else they put out.


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  2. They're from Thailand, Joe, not Taiwan. They're Thai, not Taiwanese :)

  3. Thanks Tat. Got that fixed.