Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aislyn Remix | Freelance Whales | "Generator ^ First Floor

|:|Passion Pit Keyboardist & GF Rework Into Even Greater Brilliance|:|

Here is a remix of an awesome song by an upcoming band Freelance Whales. They burst onto the scene in the latter part of '09 and caught the attention of many music enthusiast for their electronic backwoods pop. Looks like they have also entranced Aislyn Passion Pit keyboardist Ian Hultquist and girlfriend Sofia Degli Alessandri .[hipster name for sure] Together the Whales and 1/2 of Passion Pit take "Generator ^ First Floor" and add some electronic noisetastic sounds along with some sticky beats to create an alternate take which does the original a grand honor and really shows the potential of the band if they can be remixed so wonderfully. Found over at [SG]

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