Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toro Y Moi @ Local 506 3/23

|:|What happens at a Chillwave concert?|:|

I have been listening and listening to "Causers of This" by Toro Y Moi to no end. A sentiment to the music that Chaz Bundick highly distorts then loops to make impeccably entertaining music. After messing around with the looping system for a few minutes concocting a magic potion to hypnotize the audience. Then after a short pause in sound the bass hits and the song begins and the whines into the microphone and exhausted synthesizers mesh to form an engrossing song. This set was amazing, it was about 45 minutes of straight hits. He had the attention of the audience, of whom were mostly there to see him, as I made some friends that were there to just see him [as I was]. There was about an 8 minute song that was either a spontaneous tangent or something of the UPCOMING album. Yes, he has another 2010 album coming out.

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