Saturday, March 27, 2010

jj @ Cat's Cradle 3/25

|:|Worst Act at Concert I've Been To?|:| 

I'll have to admit, when I saw that jj was coming to Cat's Cradle, I snatched up tickets asap. I knew the XX were the headliner and I wasn't too keen to their music, but I didn't care who the headliner was, I wanted to see jj. Boy, was I let down.
There might have been some pretty interesting videos being played on that white sheet behind her, but it was just a clever ploy to distract from a most disengaging performance. Besides the fact that the chatter by the sold out crowd almost drowned out any sound that she was producing [I was on the 2nd row], she didn't even look like she was enjoying herself. She played the first song with guitar then sang over backing instrumentals for the rest of the show. Her boyfriend, the other side of jj I'm supposing, came out in [most likely] an elevated state of mind, barely able to play the guitar, even though it was already playing on the backing instrumentals, so I don't know why he was up there. Though the music is great and creative, a dismal live performance has really questioned my judgement and enjoyment I receive from their music. Saying little to the audience, she stood poised with a head full of hair, fidgeting with her Blue Moon like a child in an Elementary School play. She made her rounds through all their hits then when it came time for the final song, a guitar malfunction led to an abrupt end to the show. Luckily an astoundingly stellar performance from The XX made up for the lack of one by jj.

As always, I would like to thank Cameron Brown for taking some pretty awesome pictures.

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