Sunday, March 28, 2010

[MASHED] Freeway Ft. Jay-Z | Toro Y Moi

|:|Chillwave and rap; the inventive nuances|:| 
Who would have ever thought that Jay-Z would ever want to collaborate with Toro Y Moi? Not Me. Not Jay-Z. Not Toro Y Moi. Luckily there are some creative geniuses out there introducing the music of the two polar opposite artists. The unknown artist melds "You Hid" a less than stellar [compared to others off Causers Of This]Toro Y Moi song and the O-G song by Freeway featuring Jay-Z "Big Spender." It may not be the best Mash Up that you've ever heard but it's still ear-pleasing and leaves you wanting Jay-Z to experiment with the chillwave dudes, for real.

On a side note, help out Chaz Bundick by buying Causers Of This. Last night someone jacked his passport and equipment from his car. The picture below is his car, found it on his twitter. This is forcing an abrupt end to his tour with The Ruby Suns. Look for him opening for Caribou this spring/summer. [@ Cat's Cradle on May 12th]