Monday, March 29, 2010

The XX @ Cat's Cradle 3/25

UK band puts on a great show

¡As per usual, big thanks to Cameron Brown for awesome concert pics!

Now, I wasn't the biggest fan last year. I might have caught the last bit of the wave everyone was surfing all year. They left something to be desired with their debut release. That desirable piece of the XX missing from XX is a live performance. A live set completes the cycle of turning one from a listener into a fan. I can safely say that after this show, I am a fan of the XX. Whether it was the death stares from Oliver Sim [bassist] at Romy Madley-Croft [guitar] or the crazy light show [for a Cat's Cradle show, that is] or the music, the band rocked the stage at the sold out show. They sound wasn't impeccable, their thick British accents got  bogged down between mic and amp, but other than that, a sound performance. They played a planned encore, in which they turned on the lights in the back drop[pictured above]. They started the set off strong, knocking off their hits one by one until there weren't any hits left for the latter part of the show. If they haven't made it to your city yet, you'd be a fool to not snatch up a ticket right now. If they already came through your town, looks like you're S.O.L. on hitting up these UKer's first headlining US tour.

See the plethora of pictures Cameron took

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