Monday, March 15, 2010

[GUESS WHO] iamamiwhoami Unleashes Full Video

|:|Unknown [& shrinkwrapped] woman puts out another video|:|

Will the monotony of Monday postings from this mysterious project ever end? Black cats, 2-inch long eyelashes, stark blue eyes, and SHRINK WRAPPING adorn this video with an eerie tone much like the other videos. There are a few males who are not shot in full with large beards, a head with a matted part, and sandals with socks which make it even creepier. Could the black cats be an omen along with the hourglass. Is time up for us to figure out who it is? Are we ever going to find out? Who knows? I'll post any updates I find out. Until then bask in the mysteriousness of this way-too-long-on-going saga.

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