Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Low Anthem | Lissie | Annie & The Beekeepers 3/13 Cat's Cradle

|:|Amazing Show From All 3 Acts|:|

*I would like to thank Cameron Brown for taking these phenomenal pictures at the show*

Annie & The Beekeepers

I was blow away by these guys. Having never heard of them before, I left the show with a new band that everyone needs to know about. They have a folk sound [banjo, violin, etc...] and that combined with their chemistry that they physically projected on stage made for an enjoyable set. They even sold Honey and homemade beeswax lip balm, none of that Burt's Bees junk. Check out their myspace, they have an EP that they recently put out. I'll try to get some mp3's for y'all. Meanwhile, check out some videos of live performances.


The Low Anthem

This was definitely the highlight of the show. The main act should be the pinnacle of worth for standing for hours on end to see a show. These guys put on a hell of a show. They knew that they have a very inconsistent flow, switching between slow, jam, and rockin' out. They played some wonderful new material that is going to be on an upcoming album! Some of the new tunes were more upbeat with heavy blues inflections that is a great new sound from the band, different than Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. They explained that they spent 6 months in a pasta sauce factory 1000x the size of Cat's Cradle and came up with the new music. The band really meshes and you can tell when they are having a good time and in awe of fellow mates that are playing stand-out. They have a plethora of unique instruments.

The Crotales, which looks to be a xylophone made of cymbals played with a violin bow [see picture]
The Cell Phone, they had us call whoever we came with then put the speaker on put them close together, great/fun audience participation
The Saw, Matt Davidson would play the saw by bending it at the end and playing the edge with a violin bow
The Pump Organ

Funny Story: Unbeknown to me Daylight Savings time occurred on Sunday [technically the end of the show [after midnight]] and I got back to my girlfriends house at 3:10 and I certainly know the hour and a half drive did not start at 1:30 because the show ended at 12:30, well ends up the time change threw me off.

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