Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recent Drake Single & Remixes/Mashes

|:|From bizarre to legit, new Drake covers technicolor spectrum|:| 

Drake - Over[via p4k]
I'd be surprised if you haven't heard this song yet. One of the best Drake songs to date. All the gloating in "Over" begs to be compared to Lil Wayne's "Greatest Rapper Alive." If you haven't forgotten, Drake is still doing himself, it'll be a while until he stops. He borrows from a great rap song, Dead Prez's song "Hip-Hop," a recent classic. Well I'll stop talking Drake up, because I'm sure he'll do enough of that on Thank Me Later.

Right now the sheer nostalgia that Timon's annoying cartoon-y voice is conjuring up is impairing either the creative genius of this mash up or it's flaming pile of shi+. I will let y'all decide.

The Jay-Z snippet in the intro sets the tone. Definitely a song that would work in the club. The beat, though the annoying woman vocal piece is used way to often, is overall, fly. The up and down electro sound is spy-like and flighty but would be a great entrance for the Butabi brothers at the Roxbury. The best remix of the song I have heard, check some more here. I think since Drake thinks so highly of himself in "Over" the Lion King should mockingly back this one.

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