Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 Albums : 5 Sentences [The Ruby Suns]

|:|Short Write-Up on the Chillwave Bliss that is Fight Softly|:|

The Ruby Suns - Fight Softly

Classic chillwave. Did I just waste a sentencing saying that this album is a typical chillwave album, an album that encompasses the qualities of a newly developed, boundless, hard to define genre? Yes, this album’s somewhat distorted sound is an electronically blissful noise that isn’t as cheerfully-optimistic as Neon Indian but not as definitively stationary as say a Washed Out. They incorporate a variety of sounds and beats, specifically techno beats and uncanny jingles that create a solid base reducing the trip-inducing sensations that the chillwave genre usually stimulates. The maturation of this infantile type of music is shown in the remarkably catchy yet quality album that puts the chillwave on a pedestal to be admired and shown-off for all its distorted, computerized glory.

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