Friday, January 07, 2011


Here is a little impromptu mixtape of stuff that I have been listening to heavily lately. There is definitely an alternative country theme here. I did include some upcoming tunes, Tennis and Yuck. If you like some of the stuff, go check them out on Bandcamp, because some of the stuff  I found as a free download there. Enjoy this weekend.
DOWNLOAD No Rhyme, No Reason HERE
1]  Adam's House Cat - Nine Bullets
2] American Aquarium - I'm Sorry I Ruined Everything
3] American Aquarium - Mary, Mary
4] Blake Mills - Hey Lover
5] Chad Kichula - Killer
6] Drag the River - Bad Kreuznach
7] JKutchma - I'll Survive
8] Lucero - The Mountain
9] Micah Schnabel - Throwing Rocks at the Sun
10] Middle Brother - Me Me Me
11] Mike Cooley - Little Pony and the Great Big Horse
12] Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - Danger
13] Social Distortion - Can't Take It With You
14] Tennis - South Carolina
15] The Leadership - Keep The Change
16] The Recreation Station - The Answer
17] Uncle Tupelo - No Depression
18] Yuck - Get Away

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