Wednesday, January 05, 2011

[STREAMING] British Sea Power | Valhalla Dance Hall

Yeah, yeah, this is another post w/o a downloadable, but you may want to give their fifth studio album Valhalla Dancehall a listen. Don't count out this British rock band, British Sea Power are putting out some solid rock on Valhalla Dancehall, and I don't mean that hard-rocking accent-heavy rock by Muse. I have a hard time finding any accent from the Brighton singer's voice, which is never a downturn, but can sometimes, and in this case, be a good thing. Valhalla Dancehall is out next Tuesday 1/10/2011, pre-order it here.
Stream Valhalla Dancehall at A.V. CLUB
What was that you were saying about downloadable content, here's an mp3 from the album, if you chose to delve deeper, YOU WIN.

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