Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[FREE] Friends and Friends of Friends Compilation

Friends and Friends of Friends
free digital // limited cassette comp

Side A
1. Weekends - A Defining Love (acoustic)
2. Future Islands – Virgo Distracts (live @ DubLab)
3. Height with Friends – Current Floor (King Rhythm Redux)
4. Winks - Sometimes I Can Fake a Smile
5. Daytime - Lights
6. Food For Animals – Dope (Jones Remix)
7. Sri Aurobindo – Don’t Know (live @ WMUC)
8. The Violet Hour – Echoes

Side B
9. Moss of Aura – Generations
10. Lands and Peoples – In Living Colour
11. Lonnie Walker – Feels Like Right
12. Tapes in Space – Bat Meat
13. Shields - DANGx2
14. B&P – Greminals
15. Brendan Sullivan – Young Thunder Pt. 1

This is the first mixtape/compilation from the Baltimore record label. The most intriguing part of this for me is NorthCarolina's Lonnie Walker. It is a song that doesn't happen to be on their debut album. I have seen them live twice and they are only getting better, I can't wait to see where they go. But this is a very eclectic mix. It includes tinges of blues and flashes of trance. Watch out for diversity, no wait, embrace it. 

Download Link After The Jump
If you find this something that you cannot compel yourself to enjoy in it's digital goodness, look out for a cassette version to be released for purchase at some point.

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