Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Jams '10 [Part 1 of...]

let's get this party started, 5 sun-tinged mp3s

DOM - Living In America
IT IS SEXY TO LIVE IN AMERICA. You bet that if you have to scroll down to the U's whenever you declare your country, you're not sexy. That is why United States is found at the top, usually the first choice. This song sounds like an 80's synth-pop hit remixed by WAVVES lo-fi ingenuity. If it wasn't for all these recent releases I would probably set this song on repeat.

I don't usually promote the pop genre but this song is downright catchy as hell. It takes about 1:45 to really kick in but when it does the voice of Maggie Morrison really digs down deep. Check out Over and Over, it's not too shabby itself.

I believed I have already posted this song....but it warrants a second post. it is hands down the catchiest song that Late of the Pier has put out. I hate that they are veering away from their alternative side procured on Fantasy Black Channel, but if they keep putting out stuff this eclectic and poppy, I'd be thrilled.

I am making some bold statements in this post, so just know that these are some good tunes. But, this is the best remix I have heard in 2010. It is 10x better than the original version, and the original is decent. Proves that Passion Pit are some of the most brilliant electronic minds this side of 2009.

First off, could this title embody summer any better? Especially the band name. I am digging this beach-tinged tune. It begs "I wanna get you moving," for a better part of the song and you bet it it gets you moving. 

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