Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Music From Eminem, T.I., and Drake

This recently converted Drake fan is anticipating Thank Me Later [May 28th Tentatively] much less after this new single. It is his R&B side which I don't care for. He most definitely uses a version of Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up The Gun," the intro really feels like it, but for lack of better description, this is shit. C'mon Drake. [via FADER]

He's been around for about a decade now and is still producing some of the most emotional and best lyrical music that is released. Eminem is the real deal. This new track is off Recovery, out June 22nd, that's right Recovery, not Relpase 2 like he had hyped. He forever sounds angry behind the mic, but one reason that he has recently revived his career. He has moved on from the comedic raps such as "Just Lose It" and has moved on from what was on last year's Relapse. Please check out him tearing up Drake's Over as well. He seems to be on the top of his game and it's truly inspiring that he has turned his life around for his Daughter, especially in the environment he finds himself.

I'm ready for T.I. to release his first mixtape, Fuck A Mixtape, whenever he feels. This jailbird had more than enough time to brainstorm some lyrics behind bars and I feel like this song should be a little better. I hope that he polishes up his verses to live up to his self-claimed "immaculate shine," because that's what it will take. I hear hints of many of his songs, maybe "Whatever You Like" at points, unfortunately, nothing like "No Matter What," my favorite song of his. This leaves something to be desired.
T.I. - Welcome Back To The Trap [P&P]

This song is about 2 months old but still, I don't think that he really did anything in prison, he is just rapping about how his friends didn't hold down the "A" while he was gone and that he is back on the streets so don't "fuck mess with him." This isn't what I would expect from T.I., I wish he had a religious conversion in prison and started preaching the gospel, may be a change from everything else out there.
T.I. - I'm Back

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