Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rolling Stone: 40 Reasons To Get Excited [or down] About Music

I'll have to say that this list highlights some of the reasons why I hate mainstream music, but also touches on some reasons why music has become so intriguing and worthy. Here are a few reasons why music is making me Jizz in my pants right now....

1. May might be the best month of releases ever. The National, The Black Keys, The Hold Steady, Band of Horses, The New Pornographers, LCD Soundsystem, Woods, among others....

2. The Internet. With the innovativeness of blogs, myspace, reverbnation, artists can literally release a song the day they finish it and it could find it's way to an incredibly large audience, the same day.

3. is Facebook for music lovers, a great way to share music with friends and explore artists.

4. Blogs are becoming bigger, rivaling Pitchfork for industry dominance. Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, One Thirty BPM, among others.

Here is Rolling Stone's List 
Bold are Good Things
[my comments]

1. Black Eyed Peas and the Science of Global Pop Domination. [haha]
2. Rock Festivals Rule. [I'd love to go to Bonnaroo, but I will settle for Raleigh's Hopscotch, which is still going to be an impressive showcase of national and local music]
3. Hip-Hop Arena Show Has Arrived. [Seem too sketchy for me to attend, but good for the music]
4. U2’s Epic Stadium Tour Invades America Again. [pass]
5. Because You Can Watch Any Concert Online in HD. [NOT the same]
6. LCD Soundsystem Defines Sound Now. [This Is Happening will make your hair stand]
7. Because Live Concerts Sound Better Than Ever. [yay, but isn't rawness still good too]
8. Them Crooked Vultures Are a Supergroup That’s Really Super. [I don't buy the hype]
9. Because You Can Still See Chuck Berry Play Once a Month. [he's still chugging along, good for him]
10. Because Indie Rock Has Upgraded to Hi-Fi Sound. [what exactly is 'indie rock'? Japandroids, WAVVES, etc...]
11. You Can Score Killer Concert Tickets for under $50. [all the ones I'm interested in hover around $15, if that]
12. T.I. Is a Free Man. [Let's hear some new stuff before we assume]
13. Because M.I.A. Is Mad As Hell on Her Killer New Album. [I'd believe that, only have to wait until June 29th]
14. Ultimate Jukebox Is Coming to Your Cellphone. [wahoo?]
15. Music’s Future Is in Denmark. Unlimited tunes via your cable service. [doesn't help me out at all]
16. Tom Morello Fights the Power with His Guitar. [more guitar hero anthems to come?]
17. MGMT Rejects Fame and Gets Its Freak On. [the new album is different, and that's a good thing. make mainstream listeners get acquainted with quality, experimental music]
18. Tribute Bands Are Sometimes Better Than the Real Thing. [never]
19. Pop Divas Rule the Charts. [damn that Justin Beiber and all those hits he's making]
20. Keith Richards Has Written an Autobiography. [should be a good read, if drugs or classic rock interest you]
21. Strokes Are Getting It Back Together. [this is one album that I would like to see come out this year, they have had quite the hiatus]
22. Diplo. [he did brilliantly on the Gucci Mane mixtape, I'd like to see more though]
23. Rock’s Most Tasteful Guitar Player Is Finally Letting Loose. [.....]
24. Atlantic Records Has Entered the 21st Century. [yes, and catering to Kiss 95.1's audience]
25. A Hip-Hop Legend Is Bringing Hi-Fi Back. [all the UNC bball players have the new Dr. Dre headphones, I don't see how headphones could improve music that much, the price isn't right though]
26. Headphones Are Better Than Ever. [ least full ear, over the head phones are roaring back]
27. Ridiculously Cool Gear Is Coming. [just trying to make some money with the list, ad]
28. Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem Is the Next Jersey Rock Hero. [American Slang is totally awesome, a complete album that pulls out all the stops]
29. Dr. Luke’s Awesomely Trashy Pop Sound Is Ruling the Airwaves. [he only makes my ears bleed]
30. The Roots Are on TV Every Night. [and with the funniest man in late night tv]
31. Russell Brand’s Plan To Save the Music Industry. [this isn't going anywhere good]
32. Jamey Johnson Proves Badass Country is Still Alive in Nashville. [it's Nashville for goodness sake]
33. Because Sting’s Daughter Is About To Enter the Family Business. [sending out an S.O.S. music industry]
34. Derek Trucks Is Eric Clapton’s Guitar Hero.[thanks for sharing]
35. Vinyl Sales Have Tripled Since 2006. [I need to invest in a record player, Christmas List 2010 just started]
36. T Bone Burnett Is a One-Man Roots Revival. [who is this?]
37. Classic Rock Vaults Are Far from Empty. [well albums become classics everyday.... always good to have some oldies but goodies]
38. Animal Collective Are the Kings of the New Psychedelic Scene. [bold statement, please don't over-inflate their heads, I don't want them to change]
39. These Missing-in-Action Albums Might Just Come Out. New CDs from Amy Winehouse, D’Angeloand Dr. Dre. [I don't think I want to hear any of these. listening to my new Dr. Dre through my Dr. Dre Beats, how OG of me. what did you say? i can still hear you, but just barely because these $199 dollar noise-cancelling headphones look better than they sound]
40. Because You Really Like Music. [TRUE TRUE TRUE]

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