Thursday, September 09, 2010

Someone Hates Underage Music Lovers


Just doing some ranting about Hopscotch and their 21+ policy in many clubs. If I am going to pay $80 to see a festival, I want to see who I want to see. It's not that I am getting jipped on possible artists that I can see, its the fact that I am unable to see many acts that I've been looking forward to see. I've painted up their schedule with the possible shows an underage attendee can see. Seems a little weak to me.

One act that I have been keeping up with as of late, due to a phenomenal single, is The War on Drugs. Their latest single, "Comin' Through," is down below and a song that is literally to die for. Just take a listen and see what I mean. It's rock, it's not, it stands apart and it's good.

The War on Drugs - Comin' Through

Have any suggestions for what I should see and report back on? Going to be at the festival? Let me know in the comments. 

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