Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just Some Updates...

I am not trying to be cited by the WEB SHERRIF so I am going to post links and youtube videos for some new stuff that I have gotten lately.

First off. Vampire Weekend.

We all know they made a huge splash in 2008 with one of the best albums of the year. Well they are coming out with a new album Contra on January 12th (amazon). So far there have been 2 released singles and one is making its way onto the blog network “Horchata” is the first single that came out a while back. It’s quite mellow but it’s coming from a more mature VW that is sure to leave us impressed with this new album. There is a free download from their website ( of course you have to join the mailing list to get it, but hey, it’s a free song. Give them the yahoo account with the XXOO’s you made in 8th grade or your best friends. . “Cousins” sounds like it is going to be the A-Punk of Contra. It is upbeat and fun just like A-Punk. “White Sky” is the newest song. It definitely follows the VW mantra with the bubbly and sophisticated, very unique sound.

Second Off. The Chairs. I caught a glimpse of this on WAWSTSF the other day. It looks to be pretty promising. The Chairs put out a new album, Nine Ways, on November 17. I have listened to the two downloads that are posted on there and “Charlotte Pipe” seems to be the better of the two. I did see where they are streaming the whole album on their website. You can listen to that here.
Third Off. Kooley High.
Saw this song the other day. Have to give it up to a triangle area act, especially a hip-hop one. This song is pretty dope. I'll check out some of their other stuff and report back.
Kooley High - Kool With It
Fourth. Oh My God Charlie Darwin.
This is a pretty good album by The Low Anthem that you should definitely check out. The song "To Ohio" is amazing and due to this I posted a live video of it below. The recorded version isn't much different from this. Definitely check it out here at Or visit their website. Again if you join the mailing list you'll get a free mp3 download of "dignity." I don't see it on album that I have, so might be worth it. The also have an edgier side so I'm posting another video for "Home I'll never be." After browsing through their website, looks like they are touring with THE AVETT BROTHERS for two and a half months at the end of Feburary and beginning of March. Obviously they must be a gem if they are touring with TAB.

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