Friday, December 18, 2009

Mission Statement

Well I figure that you, as well as I, should know what we are getting ourselves into by starting this blog. I obviously want to enlighten you on all the music that I am listening to right now, stuff that I think everyone should hear. As well there are always funny videos, websites, articles on the internet and I believe that y'all should see those too. I follow a large list of blogs daily and I thought a blog of my own was only fitting. I'm not technically savvy just yet, with time I believe that will come. For now I'll post You Tube videos to music I think you should hear or links to interesting blog post. So I guess my mission statement would go as follows...
Bring the best tracks and most dope tunes to my readerships ears.
I felt that this is a most fitting picture to accompany this Inaugural Post.
Look forward to a Best of '09 Albums and Songs lists soon.

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