Thursday, December 24, 2009

A post on the eve

The Canon Logic
I heard these guys over at Suspicious Sounds. SS listed Vampire Weekend as a similar artist, so I had to check them out. The piano is a big part of this group's sound and might I venture to compare the singers voice to that of Freddie Mercury of Queen? I think it is a fair comparison. They have very catchy tunes that will make you anything but sad. Have a listen. (if you know how to work rapidshare, you can download their 3 EP's at SS)

Update on Broken Bells
Found an mp3 of the song for your enjoyment.
Broken Bells - The High Road

Late of the Pier
If you didn't catch their debut album in 2008, you missed out on a rarity. I read in an article in SPIN that if they thought it sounded right, then they needed to change it. Obscure guitar riffs and synth beats satiate every song, which can turn a song on a needle to one that is unrecognizable to its beginning, a trend which is completely opposite for just about the whole music industry. Here is a new song that I found by them. You'll know what I mean with unrecognizable parts of songs when you think it cuts off as a 30 second sample. Great song, hope an album follows.
Late of the Pier - Blueberry

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