Friday, January 22, 2010

The Avett Brothers must be Butter...

..because they're ON A ROLL.

The band played PBS's 'Austin City Limits' on November 16, 2009 and it is airing on this Saturday January 23. ACL doesn't just feature an artist off the streets, they get the best of the best. The setlist of the performance is as follows...

I And Love And You

January Wedding
Murder in the City
When I Drink
Slight Figure of Speech
Die Die Die
Talk on Indolence

It is great to see them incorporating some great throwbacks in the set, not because I don't like the newer stuff,  it's just that those oldies are classics. Here is the video from the Austin City Limits set of "I and Love and You."

They are also going to be on Starbucks' upcoming Valentine's Day album, Sweetheart 2010, which includes 14 artists renditions of love songs. Their contribution to the compilation will be their favorite love song, Tom T. Hall's "I Love." I am really itching to get my hands on it, because if any of their music is an indication, it will probably be beyond amazing. Pick up this great Valentine's Day gift at your (numerous) local Starbucks or on iTunes.

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