Monday, February 01, 2010

Beach House on Daytrotter + [VIDEO] for "Norway"

This couldn't have come out at a better time. Looks like they are making the rounds promoting Teen Dream which is almost a week old. After playing a late night stint on Jimmy Fallon, a rare 1-day-only viewing of 5 videos they made for the album on Gorilla vs. Bear, and now Daytrotter there shouldn't much else on their to-do list for promoting the new album, maybe a stop playing live for Pitchfork or an AOL Session. The 4 song set they played live on Daytrotter sounds just like the produced tracks on the album. It is quite amazing that they are able to xerox the sound off Teen Dream to their live sets. They played some of the better songs off the album which is a major plus. Download here from Daytrotter.

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Beach House - Norway

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