Thursday, February 11, 2010

CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS | Genuine Negro Jig: Frighteningly Brilliant

This Genuine Negro Jig time warps you back to an early 1900’s deep south where kids roam free, sweet tea is always a-brew, and that banjo is always pickin’. This “Genuine” Negro Jig includes a song entitled cornbread and butterbeans, what is more Southern, African-American, and old-school than that? Rhiannon Giddens has one of the most powerful voices out there. She is the Karen O. of Bluegrass roots. Their fast songs are catchy, their slow songs are empowering. They capture what bluegrass is and wring the hell out of it for everything it’s worth. Think Soggy Bottom Boys x10. I’d venture to say Genuine Negro Jig IS the most interesting and best album of the year, so far. Captivating from the opening fiddle to Giddens’ parting angelic voice.

Just so happens these Bonnarooers are playing Cat's Cradle on April 1st.

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