Saturday, February 13, 2010

Citizen Cope | The Rainwater LP

If you have heard one Citizen Cope album, you have heard them all. His new album The Rainwater LP has the usual two or three pretty god songs, an acoustic song or two, and a few other filler songs. The borderline reggae sounds in this album are a little bit of a tweak to his usual sound, a turn in the right direction. There may be more emotion in these songs than usual, which was evident at his concert, but the music isn't distinguishable from his last two albums. Don't get me wrong, the songs are good, Cope is good at doing his type of chilled out alternative.

Gems: "Jericho" "Healing Hands" "Lifeline (Barefeet Version)"

The Rainwater LP is out physically on March 2nd via Cope's new record label RainWater Recordings but was released digitally on Feburary 8th.

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