Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"iamamiwhoami" Makes Music Bloggers Look Like Fools. [amiafoolforthispost?]

It's like a game of clue or mafia that the blog world has been playing for over month and a half now. This artist has been sending out these video via email to all the blogs with no information on who is behind these videos. These high-budget videos featuring a beautiful blonde, one that keeps revealing more and more about whomever they might be with each video released. Some people believe that the freaky artist is Lady Gaga, others Christina Augilera. Other culprits include Goldfrapp or The Golden Filter or The Knife (all with albums on the horizon), MGMT or Animal Collective (doubt it, Highly).

I know I am just adding to the hype of whomever's album but this is really interesting. I was really hoping that it would end up being Christina Augilera because that would have been a big slap in the face to bloggers. A 90's pop diva fooling the trend setting bloggers who make and break bands and constitute what we should be listening to. This campaign has reached to the upper echelons of the music realm, MTV. See what this MTV article called for. Twitter has been all flustered up over talk about the mysterious videos. With the release of the latest video today, bloggers are pretty sure they have found the masked viral video star. They are believing it to be Norwegian electronic singer Margaret Berger.

But that doesn't make since, iamamiwhoami's youtube account says they're from Vanuatu. They were certain is was Augilera after the last video, so we'll just have to see if this Margaret Berger hypothesis is correct. Whoever/Whatever is releasing these videos is making some good music, I like it a lot, but they just won't reveal themselves. But when they do, you better believe that you will know the second they take the mask off. As well, they know that they will be making some big bucks if they aren't already.

Here are the videos in order of when they were released.





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