Friday, February 12, 2010

jj | n° 3

As similar as the titles between their last album (n° 2) and their newest (n° 3), the music follows right in line. Chill pop that ices over your ears and entrances you with bubbly beats, euphoric vocals. This may just be leftovers from n° 2 or just what came to them after their indie heads blew up from rave reviews from he music gods. Whatever the case may be, the material is good. They take your ears to a Las Vegas buffet using inventive instrumentation and lyrics through xylophones, African drums, referencing The Game and 90's pop group ATC in the same song, and intrinsic bass lines. Since n° 2 was so different when it came out it may have been perceived well but now that the doors have been opened to jj and this type of music, n° 3 doesn't feel as hypnotic as it's older counterpart. The Swedish duo creates a 27 minute aurora of cascading instrumentation, flighty vocals, and a sense of happiness.

Gems: "My Life," "Let Go," "Voi Parlate, lo Gioco"

*n°3 will be out March 9th via Secretly Canadian*
**SOLD OUT SHOW w/ The XX at Cat's Cradle March 25th**

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