Monday, February 15, 2010

MUX MOOL | Viking Funeral EP

Here is a pretty legit FREE EP from Brian Lindgren who goes under the name Mux Mool. He has a very interesting way of putting music together. He may just be another person who composes music on their computer, but if it's music and it's good, then the word needs to be spread. Some of the songs are rather creepy and have a dark sound, then the others could be raging club trance. I have to say, the last track on the EP is phenomenal. It features Prof and P.O.S. which rap over the most edgy beat of the five. Mux Mool's debut LP, Skulltaste is set to be released on March 23rd. That is the rather bizarre album cover to the right. Read more about Viking Funeral and Mux Mool here.

Click on the picture for an instant download of Mux Mools's Viking Funeral EP.

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