Monday, February 15, 2010

[Streaming on YTE] Local Natives | Gorilla Manor

Tomorrow [2/16] Local Natives is releasing it's debut album, Gorilla Manor, in the United States. This album was released back in 2009 to rave reviews across the world. I happened upon it last year when blogs started rolling out their top of '09 lists. It would have been on mine if I had caught it earlier. But their sound is unmatched. Gorilla Manor sucks you in like a girl scout behind a table layered with a spectrum of delicious treats. It is as memorable as Hitler's mustache. It will leave you wanting more and asking yourself "Have I ever heard anything better than this?" [not literally but you get the point] Guaranteed.

Here is the album streaming and a download of the great single "Sun Hands." I recommend you check out both.

Gems: "Sun Hands," "Airplanes," "World News," and "Camera Talk."

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