Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

|:| The Brutalist Bricks is just what the doctor prescribed |:|
|:| 2 new singles prove it |:|

Ted Leo and the Rxers are back at and better than ever. I remember when my dad introduced me to them I'd have to say over 5 years ago, well it was "Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?" off their 2003 album Hearts of Oak, so it could be up to 7 years ago. I really took a liking to the song. I haven't paid much attention since then, I did download "Me and Mia" when it came out but I haven't delved into his/their music too much. However, that has changed. The Brutalist Bricks is a great album from start to finish, thoroughly pleasing and sure to get rave reviews. Look for a review later. Until then chew on these two singles off the new album which is coming out on March 9th.

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