Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sneaky Lil' Weezy

|:| Hundreds of People Go to Jail Everyday Mr. Carter, Your Turn |:|

Lil' Wayne discussing the fire at the courthouse today where he was supposed to be sentenced. Unfortunately there was a fire at the very courthouse where he was going to be sentenced. Unfortunately this will delay his sentencing. Fortunately for his fans, he was able to perform with Young Jeezy & Jay-Z tonight in NYC. If you try to tell me that he is behind the root canal and the fire, I'd believe you. He needed the high-grade prescription drugs to cope with the withdrawal from the purple drank and keep him for lack of a better term, f*cked up. What in the world is he talking about at the beginning of the video, rambling on about some nonsense. As long as he can write some dope lyrics while in the slammer [IF HE IS EVER SENTENCED] then he can be on my good side.

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