Thursday, April 08, 2010

Megafaun | "Volunteers"

headlining Cat's Cradle on 5/7
Looks like I'm on a local music binge today. Durham, NC band Megafaun has released a new song, "Volunteers." These folk rockers are making a follow up to 2009's Gather, Form, Fly and this is it's first single. The follow is not an LP or an EP though. And it isn't just this single. So What is it? A mini-LP. What does that mean? The best insight I can lend its that it is like an extended-EP or EP^2. A record that has 6 to 8 songs. This Carolina reminiscent song is a great lead in to the new record, one that builds off what they established last year and experiments with their folk tinges. 

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