Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[Reviewed] She & Him Volume Two

Zooey and M. have created another poppy album, one that doesn't bask in the glowing perfectness that is love, which Volume One was all about. This one gets more into the after relationship part with the hatred and yearning towards another that is experienced. A new influence, Ben Gibbard [Death Cab for Cutie front man & Deschanel's recent hubby], may have had a say in this album, as to fend off any of Ward's attempt at kidnapping his woman. The two bring out the best in each other, even if the best isn't as fulfilling as their debut; Zooey's voice and Ward's guitaring combined with their catchy, seemingly innocent lyrics produce an album that doesn't live up to the hype the two created. Covers of NRBQ ["Ridin' In My Car"] and Sketter Davis ["Gonna Get Along Without You Now"] reminisce the days of yore and give them a She & Him flavor which hinge on simplistic composition and a lack of vocals from the great M. Ward. Ward as an intriguing voice, one that could really light the fire to a great album, but they just seem to be making consistently catchy songs such as the sugar coated "In The Sun." Their pop sound is reinforced with catchy songs such as "Still Lingering" which showcases angelic harmonizing backing, a similar use of backing vocals is  seen in "I'm Gonna Make It Better." The duo doesn't take the chance to create a new sound, a possibility that could really increase their appeal. Zooey's sensually masculine voice is showcased on the album, one that seems to be a solo venture for her with a big name in her backing band, not a twosome that records together. Volume Two is a straightforward approach to the sound that the two established on Vol. One, a good album but unimpressive from the extremely hip and creative minds of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.

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