Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bluegrass Hip-Hop Fusion: GANGSTAGRASS

Innovation at it's finest: The Mediocrity of Music

This is a random musical gift that I came across on 'the interwebs' this weekend. GANGSTAGRASS; A mash-up album consisting of bass thumping bluegrass under half yodeling, half rapping a capellas. Relatively unknown [at least to me] mash-up artist Renka has cooked up a genre explosion with Gangstagrass. The idea is more revolutionary than the tracks are good, but it still a great gift that you can admire for it's desired effects. The FREE MIXTAPE isn't as thorough as the tracks below but it just might grow on you.

Gangstagrass - Goin Down
Gangstagrass - On The Run
Gangstagrass - Pistol Packin
Gangstagrass - The Art of Flowin

Download the entire mixtape after the jump.


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