Monday, May 10, 2010

Das Racist | Shut Up, Dude MIXTAPE

You might know these guys for their ridiculously wtf? song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell," a funny song that is a rare side from these guys. This mixtape holds a plethora of value because it is much more than stupid rap songs [granted Spose "I'm Awesome" is the stupidest]. They have a very new sound. Middle East influenced beats and typically smooth rapping. The group is made of some New Yorkers and San Franciscans who are straight on fire. This is one mixtape that I have picked up recently [well, it came out this morning, but still I am impressed] that has been thoroughly good and not just one or two songs like the recent Big K.R.I.T, Young Jeezy, The Game, and Wiz Khalifa mixtapes. Hate all you want for that harsh diss, but it's warranted considering their laziness and Das Racists dopeness. The mixtape is comprised of some new joints and some old roaches, all good though.

Check out the tracklist, a video, and a download link after the jump...

[follow to Mediafire to download]

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