Friday, May 14, 2010

LIVE RECORDING of Megafaun @ Cat's Cradle 5/7

10 Live Megafaun MP3's [FREE] kicks ass. They were at Cat's Cradle this past weekend recording Megafaun's show. That is pretty awesome. Thanks to Triangle Music for posting this, it is a pretty awesome find. You can head over to Archive to listen to it or right here below. Looks like there are a few new songs that they played. Presumably they will be on their upcoming mini LP/extended EP coming out this summer.
They are playing dates in Asheville, Pittsboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte through the summer, catch 'em before they explode.

Catch the mp3's after the jump

01] Kaufman's Ballad
02] The Process
03] Impressions of the Past
04] The Fade
05] ?
06] Volunteers
07] Blabbermouthing
08] Darkest Hour
09] Where We Belong
10] ??
11] Tides
13] Solid Ground
14] ????

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