Saturday, May 29, 2010

SIKZ POINTZ | Productive Procrastination - Year In Review Mixtape

TI's Fuck A Mixtape and Raekwon's Cocainisms 2 feature a consistent 15-18 songs worth nobody's time and rely on 2 songs to pull the weight. Well here is a 9 song mixtape from NC-via-NYC rapper Sikz Pointz for you fools who are trashing up your iTunes. Productive Procrastination - Year In Review is the first product Sikz has released since his recent signing to Vinyl Records, the UNC-Chapel Hill student-run record label. Sikz has an infectious flow throughout Productive Procrastination. His rhymes are assured on the party-ready remix of Elie Goulding's "Starry Eyed" all the way to the slow-rollin', tree-sparkin' joint "The Rhyme." [Turn this one up on a Sunday afternoon cruise in downtown wherever you are] This mixtape features guest appearances from a plethora of artists from the Chapel Hill rap scene. A consistent and Productive Procrastination will leave you asking "where's the junk that these other mixtapes always throw at ya?" 

Download Productive Procrastination - Year In Review for free now, at Sikz Pointz' bandcamp, then check out his Facebook Fan Page which has quite a few videos of him freestyling. If you stalk him through the depth of facebook you just might find a few videos of him freestyling in an old dorm room of mine...

Check out Sikz Pointz "Starry Eyed Remix"

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