Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Arcade Wilderness


     The Arcade Fire has released another video from its, at one time, #1 selling album in the country, Suburbs. Let me rephrase this last sentence. The Arcade Fire has teamed up with Chris Milk and Google to create a multi-browser experience set to their song "We Used to Wait."
    After entering your hometown address on the home page, the video uses street views from Google Maps to create a recognizable experience. However, Google Maps doesn't have implemented street views of every place, so it may be less personalized depending on where you grew up. I was part of the latter and Google didn't deem my roots worthy of mapping.
    Regardless of the personalization of the experience, hopping between different frames and listening to Arcade Fire is quite an experience. MTV can't handle this one.

    *Must Watch In Google Chrome*

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