Friday, October 15, 2010


Last night I made my way to Local 506 in Chapel Hill to catch Futurebirds and Lonnie Walker. There may not have been less than 50 people there but the show was awesome. The energy the two bands brought was impressive and it was definitely worth more than the $8 I paid to get in. I got there album about half way through the summer after seeing them on some of my favorite blogs. I gave it a few listens and it ended with thorough 3 and 4 stars consistently. The band is from Athens, Georgia and formed back in 2008 [well they created their Myspace page in Nov. of 2008] and it's clear that they have something good going for them. They incorporate their southern roots into their folk rock with a banjo, a pedal steel, and a singer [drummer] with a backwoods accent. When you can gain a greater appreciation for a band by seeing them live then they have done their job as musicians and I was blown away last night. The fact that they still brought the heat and the crowd was small is very respectable, because I have seen bands be pissed w/ small crowds. I am definitely going to have their 2010 release Hampton's Lullaby on spin for the next few weeks, it's definitely one of the best of the year. Hands Down.

Download a 2009 EP for free from their Bandcamp, it has a song or two from the album.

Check out their website for a free download and support these dudes.
Follow them on Twitter.

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