Friday, October 29, 2010

Lonnie Walker | "Love Turn"

Here's a new tune from NC natives Lonnie Walker. I saw them at Local 506 in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago [read more] and they played a great set. On November 4th, 2010 they will be releasing "Love Turn" as a 7" split with Future Islands. It's going to be pressed on a peach vinyl, that is oh so sexy. [check out the picture below] They have been playing to song live for a while, I know they played it when I saw them open for Harlem and the Love Language back in April. There is a great little guitar riff when the beat picks up. The song features a monologue-like part that all of Lonnie Walker's best songs do. Not that Lonnie Walker's songs are painfully long, but this one is shorter than most [3:15] and leaves me wanting more. I think this 7" is the start of a road to a new album, hopefully we'll know more about it soon. PRE-ORDER HERE

Lonnie Walker - Love Turn

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