Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wake Up Scott Mescudi

Yo Mr. Cudi,
       Having listened to your stuff for close to two years now, I can safely say that you don't give fuck about what I am going to say, b/c this is just another blog, but you're transforming into a lame beast. Case and Point: "Erase Me." This song is not hip/hop, it's not rock, it's maybe a Weezy-inspired fusion of the two. It's not what I have come to expect from arguably one of my favorite rappers. When I go back through your catalog and dig up songs like "T.G.I.F." and "Switchin' Lanes", songs that sparked our relationship, then listen to/watch this, I have to say you've changed up your game for the worst. Now I know evolution is a natural occurrence that affects 99% of musicians, but I believe you've overstepped your boundaries. I haven't been too impressed with most of the leaks ("Mojo So Dope," "Did You Get It" and "Manic") from Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, though I don't know the set tracklist I have a feeling a good majority of those songs will be included. Please, don't get me wrong I'm digging what you're doing with G.O.O.D. Music and their Friday releases, that stuff is dope, as well as the leaks "Mr. Rager" "Wylin' Cause I'm Young," and "Dangerous." And I plan on buying The Legend of Mr. Rager, on vinyl hopefully if that is an option, because I know that once it's together it will make since (I have faith) or it'll be a reality check for you. I know you've been having some personal addiction problems but you're the indie-sampling and emotive lyricist that got me off Lil Wayne's nuts (for which I am eternally grateful) and  searching out for real hip-hop. I have mad respect Scott, but I think you're taking your 808s and Heartbreak tangent too early in your career.

Endearing Fan On The Moon,

(Please Don't Erase Me, lets make this a REVOFEV towards you're next masterpiece, not just All Talk)

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