Thursday, October 07, 2010

[YTE MIXTAPE] Glenn Beck Swag

     I decided that I need to make a mixtape that is straight thug. What comes to your mind when you think of thug? Denzel in American Gangster? Well for me, it so happens to be Glenn Beck, the Tea Partyin, Palin-bootycallin', white haired man-among-boys, Fox News political correspondent. He doesn't have pretty boy swag, but his swag is turned on. He'd agree that in all his prudishness that the next song about swag should be about him and just like that, he gets a mixtape. These are a few tunes that this Real OG might play in his stretch-hummer limo on the way Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity, to get him pumped up to have some great counter arguments and say something controversial. I give you Glenn Beck Swag.

     Well I just thought that would be a fun name for a mixtape. I'm not a big fan of the guy but he's put himself out there and in doing so, I'll name a mixtape after him. This one is strictly Hip-Hop based. From Kanye to K.R.I.T. to Khalifa, this rap-tastic collection of songs is sure to give any sub a run for it's money. Hopefully you haven't heard all of these rappers before and you're getting a fresh slice of this RAPple Pie. So sag those jeans/khakis/sweatpants and put on that old Charlotte Hornets jersey stashed in the attic because Glenn Beck Swag is just that OG.

Tracklist and Download Link After The Jump

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