Saturday, November 20, 2010

B.o.B. back to RAPPING on "Beast Mode" [VID]

Damn, B.o.B. is making a statement with this haterade anthem. With a #1 album he is allowed to rap about his 'beastness' but it is out of the blue. I started listening to him before The Adventures of Bobby Ray came out earlier this year and that Airplanes shit hit the fan. He was rapping like this consistently back in the day, hopefully there will be more like this on his No Genre mixtape coming out on Dec. 7th. I'm pretty excited to see where his next move is going to be after making a hit record. Does he give away a bunch of good free music and sell semi-shitty stuff or sell semi-shitty stuff and give semi-shitty stuff away for free. Let's wait 17 days and see.

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